Thursday, September 30, 2010

We bid farewell to Pampered Pups Pastries

Our trusty ovens and mixer baked thousands of biscuits over the last few years.
Fast hands make a lotta cookies.
Our taste-tester at work.
Family always there to help
My sister Diane helping fill orders (I couldn't have done it without her)

"Sierra, take that hat off."

Many a happy dog on Christmas morning

"Have you met the
CEO - Chief Eating Officer?"
What would we have done without Kane to taste-test. Poor dog, what a life!

8 years we have been providing our local and not-so-local dogs with the best-darned-dog-biscuits around. It is with the support of our local stores that this little business became a success.
We are so happy that this company will continue and we hope that it receives the same amount of support that we did.
Thank you so much  and
All the Best to you, Charl


A note from Kane
"It's been a 'dog-eat-cookie-world' the last 8 years. Now I will spend my time accompanying Deb on her many walks. Thanks for supporting  the ol' gal and keeping me in cookies. You've been dog-gone grrrrrrrrrreat.  Chow."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

P is for Pumpkin

A visit to Almonte could not be done without a stop for lunch at Robin's Nest Tea-room. The food is fresh, tasty and home-made. They even make their own pies there. Gary came along today so we stopped in for a sandwich and soup. No dessert though because look what I brought home from Bob the Baker's.....pumpkin pie. YUMMO!

Bob was at the bakery today so we had a nice long chat and I thanked him for his support and a lot of  laughs. He's a great guy, an amazing baker and I will be sure to continue to drop in for more calories when I am in Almonte and in need of calories...ya, right.

Then off to Ottawa with the last order for Pet Valu in the Glebe. Another fine bunch of people work there and I will miss them so much. I loved dealing with them. We always have a great chat and Manager, Sue is a sweetie.

The last of the orders should be finished tonight. I'll be baking in between bites of pumpkin pie. That means 1 extra mile to walk tomorrow.

I ever so quietly added the whipped cream to my pie but amazingly enough, the same ears that never hear you when you yell "Get off the table", or "Stop throwing litter on the floor" can hear the whipped cream hit the pie and be in your face in 2 seconds. Looks like Cali gets it. She who snoozes...looses.

"Don't gag...she had her own spoon"              

Here I go with more dishes to show you.
I don't always buy 'white' but these do need vanilla ice cream and kaluha in them.
This little guy came in from the garden today. Seems like yesterday I sat  him out there.
Oh well, there is nothing more beautiful than the Autumn leaves.

hugs, Deb

The down and out.

First off to update you on the kitten with the fractured jaw, he is doing very well. He is eating better (soft food) and today he was trying to eat some hard food just out of interest. He is staying at a foster home where there are other kittens who he gets to play with part of the day (under supervision). Good news, though. I hope he continues to heal and can find a good home. I'll keep you posted.

As I sit here posting tonight, my thoughts are on the ferals that I feed. It is pouring rain here and has been for days. I feel for these cats that don't have a warm house, a basket, a bed. All I know for sure is that they got their dinner tonight. I brought them soft food, dry food and some left-over chicken from the fridge. Even that is a problem though because it means they have to leave a dry spot to get to the truck to find their food. It all just sucks!

I won't leave them without food and will help them to get stronger for the winter months ahead. I know they have lots of shelter down in the industrial area where they live but I pray God will somehow keep them dry & warm.

Ok - time to get more positive. Let me introduce you to a wonderful lady in the Ottawa area that runs the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network. She is a firecracker and has been heading this rescue for 20 years.
Isn't this a great photo of Louise Hindle and her calico kitty.

Louise has found countless foster homes for the Ottawa area homeless cats living on our streets and has adopted out hundreds of cats to loving homes. She is a treasure. Her organization helps the ferals of Ottawa and area.

Today I am off to Almonte to make another 'last' delivery of my biscuits. I will be dropping in to Baker Bob's and the Natural Health Food Store. This is where I thank them and say my goodbye's. Bittersweet.

Rae-Rae is upside down under my bath mat. This is a morning ritual with her. Hide and then attack Nan. I'd better go and get attacked.:)

hugs, Deb

Monday, September 27, 2010

Found meself a milk jug

I delivered dog biscuits to a little town with a BIG store called Balderson Village Cheese. I felt a little sad since this is their last order while I am the owner but that didn't last long because I found this as I was leaving the building. WOOHOO! This little milk jug. Adorable! I'll just sit it right on this cupboard 'til I find the right spot. I truly am getting ridiculous with dishes but I am now looking for little white glasses to go with it.
Notice who the kitty looks like?
"That will hold milk for me, right?"

Today I meet Charl for coffee. She will be the new owner of Pampered Pups Pastries as of this Friday. We need to discuss a few things then I will have to rush back home to finish some orders.  I start cat-sitting again tomorrow for the rest of the week so I have to make use of my day off.

I hope you had a nice weekend.  Wishing you all a fine start to your week & Riley says hello.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feline fluidity & a great Tribute

She's smiling for you.
Every object that is moved, removed, shifted or brought new into the home is noticed by the cats. The favorite of course is a box but baskets, bowls and big shoes will grab their interest. I have my washer & dryer in my country kitchen (sigh) because we have a rock basement. So with that and my business equipment it has been tight in the kitchen but that will change soon. I will sometimes place a basket on top of the washer if I want company while I do this unwelcomed chore. This morning it is Lily. "Hi Lily. Isn't she cute!" I look around and all baskets are filled. The only one running around like a lunatic is Rae-Rae but that is par for the course.

Last night we went to the National Arts Centre to see a Tribute to Gram Parsons. I think it was one of the best concerts I have seen in a long time. The venue was so quaint and the sound was amazing. Do you know who Gram Parsons was? I hope so for all you American bloggers because this is coming to the States and you will love it. You should know him, he was one of yours....from Florida. Anders Drerup, the singer/actor who portrays Gram is one of ours (from just down the road here in Carp Ontario).
 I will be singing his songs all day.
'One enjoyable evening'

and here is a clip of the real Gram...

hugs, Deb

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Buddy business

Look at this handsome boy I am caring for this weekend.
His name is Buddy and he meows like a girl.
and this little cutey who loves to be brushed.
It seems lately that a lot of my cat-clients are adding an outdoor cat or 2 to the mix when calling for my kitty-sitting service. I am more than thrilled to put food and water down for the unfortunate cats that are homeless & roaming looking for someone to help them. Thank God there are so many good people that will provide the necessities until they can come up with a better plan.  My weekend cat-sitting includes a few of these unfortunate hobos who were lucky enough to land at a house that shelters cat-lovers.

Has anyone purchased one of these smartykat flutterballs for their kitty? It is listed as one of the newest, bestest toys for your feline friend. I'm going to try to find one and I'll test them on my cat-sitting kitties. (Dig the baby blues on this cat)

Is this not the cutest window perch for cats

Last week a little black & white cat was picked up at our animal control kennel to be taken to a foster home. It was terribly thin and not eating. The foster person noticed it was not opening its' mouth properly and was having a difficult time picking up food. Off to the vet it went and was diagnosed with a fractured jaw. What happened to this little 4 month old kitten? No one knows. The vet said it most likely was kicked. So now it is  being cared for in foster and if in 6 weeks it is eating properly then it will be presumed that the fracture has healed. As of tonight, the kitten is eating better so fingers crossed that it will continue to heal. Where did this cat come from, you wonder. Just dumped by someone who was heartless and cared nothing for this little, innocent creature. Funny world we live in.

hugs, Deb

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cat-sitters needed all over the world.

I'm just back from my morning walk with Kane. It is wet and cool here this morning but we are in for some warmer weather that I think I am going to enjoy. My cat-bag is getting a re-do as I have many kitties to care for over the weekend. Fresh treats, a new toy, and some gorgeous kitty cards to leave a journal of the cat's day. I had a post from a viewer in Australia wishing that I was closer to cat-sit her beautiful cat. When I read that I know that there really is a need all over the world for better cat care while people travel. Although there are beautiful kennels in every area, cats do better at home. They need their familiar 'things' to keep them comfortable and although they miss their owners, they are less stressed if left in the comfort of their own environment with daily visits (2 preferably) from a caring cat-sitter. I hope that after reading my blog some cat-lovers will think about starting up a cat-sitting service in their home-town. It really is appreciated by owners who give that little extra care to their animals.
"Please Dear God, have my mom & dad call Deb to take care of me while they are away. I need that extra love and attention because I am just a little kitty. I luff her. Thank you."

If anyone wants to start a service please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be 'over-the-moon'  to help get you started.
hugs, Deb

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No CAN do

Today is a quiet day for me to catch up at home. I have dog biscuit orders to finish & cats to groom. I have a day off from cat-sitting although it starts up again tonight and will be busy for the coming weekend. Love those kitties! I will mostly work in the kitchen favorite spot to tidy up. 

I have not met one person who thinks having 1/2 used cans of cat food with plastic lids in their refrigerator is nice No it's not nice. So I have a suggestion that works great in my kitchen.
If you look at my post daily you will have seen that I add pumpkin to my cat's daily feedings. It helps with digestion and keeps them regular. "Have you ever met a 21 year old, constipated cat? It's nasty, I tell ya."
So here is what I do. After purchasing my weekly canned cat food, I open all the cans and mix them in a large bowl with 1/4 can of pumpkin. This is then scooped into a glass container with a lid and dated. This is refrigerated for a week and will stay neat and tidy in the cans. When needed, just spoon out what you need for your meals and the pumpkin is already added.
If your cat does not like food straight from the refrigerator, let stand on the counter for 10 minutes or add a tablespoon of hot water to the mixture. My lovelies aren't fussy that way.

Have a tight fitting lid

Today's date (should last approx. 1 week)
Extra pumpkin can be frozen in containers for next time.

Label what it is

Voila! No cans in your fridge.

I have one more week before the baking equipment is removed from my kitchen to be delivered to the new owner. I will have more space...S..P..A..C..E .. to play with. YIPPEE!

Riley thinks you are all very funny.

Hope you all had a great day today. We are in for some warm weather ahead.

hugs, Deb