Thursday, September 23, 2010

No regrets (I think)

There is nothing finer than meeting friends for coffee and a gab session. Read's Book Store has GREAT coffee and there is a room on the second floor with couches and a coffee table so you can sit around and chat. I love it there. We are all cat and dog lovers so the conversation tends to be of our pets mostly but there is always some family & holidays to talk about. I love these ladies because they have all rescued and saved so many homeless animals in their day and still do. After leaving the book store, I headed over to give Buddy & Chase their lunch. This is my last visit with them for this time around. I give them lots of kisses and hugs which they tolerate quietly and then they run for the hills.  I know I will see them again soon. Home to bake more dog biscuits to fill up the stores and have a few to transfer to the new owner to help her get started. It seems so weird baking and knowing that in 10 days I will be finished with my dog biscuit company. Everyone is waiting for me to 'panic' and question what I have done. They think they are going to find me wailing in my kitchen with my arms full of rolling pins crying "what have I done?"
Uh.............No!I honestly have to say that I have not had one moment where I thought I rushed into this and that I am not ready to let it go. Maybe it will hit me like a train later but I don't think so. I want to build up my Just Cats cat-sitting service and I am going to enjoy the freedom of leaving my home many times throughout the day to do so.  And.....have a little more time for me since I have been too busy to spend time with family, exercise, cook & get my home in order & I am itching to Scrapbook. I also want to help with cat-rescue in my area.  That is so important to me and always has been. Life will be more balanced! 

Kane & I took a walk and enjoyed all the gifts of Fall. 
"Isn't he a cutie!"

                                                       a little feral hunting. I hope he knows that there will be food close by for him tonight. (psst...go to the truck, kitty)

Tomorrow I am going to post something about storing cat food in your refrigerator a little easier.  NO MORE CANS!

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the fall photos Deb! Yes that Kane is gorgeous! I am sure that letting go of the dog biscuit company will have a few 'pangs' but you seem to know what you want! Happiness to you always!

  2. I think you will have some pangs for sure but I can tell you are so looking forward.. Love the pictures.. Those flowers are so pretty.. Hugs GJ xx