Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Promise to myself

Well, September is here and when I turn over the page on my calendar I am waving 'good-bye' to another great summer. It has been an interesting one, for sure. There has been many changes since the Spring and all but one has been welcomed with open arms. First off, my 'baby' finished her first year of a Fine Arts & Science Course at Algonquin College. She loved it. Congrats Allie!
Then we were blessed with our first grandchild, sweet Riley who is the apple of my eye.
"Look Nan, I can hold my head up now."

I bid farewell to my darling Maggie who is still with me everyday. I cry when I think of that day and miss her sweet face. She will remain in my heart forever.

 I 'high-fived'  James Taylor at the concert in Toronto and I truly did not want to wash that hand ever.

I celebrated another birthday...gad!

 I sold my dog biscuit business and began the fun work of growing my cat-sitting service.

My oldest daughter celebrated her 28th birthday 

 Plans are being made for our son's wedding. Whew!

                                      CONGRATULATIONS,  JOHN & BRIT

I think it has been a full summer and I have to add one more thing....I decided that Sept. 1st I would walk 1 hour before breakfast and stop struggling with the last few pounds. So..."Rae-Rae, get out of my shoes and let me get on with this." She won't be sticking her face in there after I have been out in them a few times...or will she?

I wish everyone a wonderful September and if you can, get out there and be the first to see the leaves change.


  1. Hi Deb,
    I'm so happy for you that all your children are doing so well. We Mom's worry so much about them and though we can never stop worrying it's good to know they are happy.
    I'm so sorry about your little sweet baby kitty.
    I know you miss her.

    Your little Riley is just a big dollbaby.

    Here's to a great new fall.


  2. Deb you have had an eventful summer and except for the loss of Maggie it's been wonderful. I know Riley has made you so happy! I am thinking about fall myself!

    Big Hugs,

  3. I will never forget your beautiful Maggie; she was a sweetheart and I understand your deep sorrow, knowing how much you love her...Otherwise, you have had many blessings this summer and I am very happy for your good fortune, sweet friend...Your children and Riley are all lovely; congratulations to John and Brit...Hang in there with the walking!

  4. Congrts to Allie...cute cute Riley! HAPPY fun! You are having a busy time here...have a great month too :D

  5. Happy belated birthday, Deb! Sweet little grandbaby you have there! And lots of exciting happenings in your kids lives!