Friday, September 24, 2010

Cat-sitters needed all over the world.

I'm just back from my morning walk with Kane. It is wet and cool here this morning but we are in for some warmer weather that I think I am going to enjoy. My cat-bag is getting a re-do as I have many kitties to care for over the weekend. Fresh treats, a new toy, and some gorgeous kitty cards to leave a journal of the cat's day. I had a post from a viewer in Australia wishing that I was closer to cat-sit her beautiful cat. When I read that I know that there really is a need all over the world for better cat care while people travel. Although there are beautiful kennels in every area, cats do better at home. They need their familiar 'things' to keep them comfortable and although they miss their owners, they are less stressed if left in the comfort of their own environment with daily visits (2 preferably) from a caring cat-sitter. I hope that after reading my blog some cat-lovers will think about starting up a cat-sitting service in their home-town. It really is appreciated by owners who give that little extra care to their animals.
"Please Dear God, have my mom & dad call Deb to take care of me while they are away. I need that extra love and attention because I am just a little kitty. I luff her. Thank you."

If anyone wants to start a service please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be 'over-the-moon'  to help get you started.
hugs, Deb


  1. I REALLY want to start up a cat sitting service. I share your love for the heart stealing furbabies and "want to be just like you when I grow up"heehee!!You have really inspired me to give it a go. Love the kitty praying for you to sit with it. Any cat would be LU-CKY to have you caring for it!!!! Shoot I would like to be a cat just to have you visit and spoil me!!!! Have a great weekend. Our warmup is quickly blowing back south with 45mph winds today!!!

  2. So does that mean you'll be doing more shopping since you'll have more room in your kitchen soon??? HOW FUN IS THAT?
    You are the best "kitty" gal around Debbie, you really are. Never thought of pumpkin. Must try it.
    Enjoy the sunshine.

  3. Deb you are the best! I've got pumpkin on my list for Charlie and I will let you know how he likes it. There are some existing pet sitting services in my area so I'm not sure about starting a business. I'll give it more thought.