Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tea anytime

There is no shortage of help to set the table.


I love a cup of tea at anytime, day or night. I have been a tea-drinker since I was 7 years old. First cup was with my grandmother sitting at the old wood stove in her summer kitchen in Manotick, Ontario. I can still see us there like it was this morning. I love that!

Sierra is a tea-drinker if you leave your cup where she can reach it. She's very naughty.

"That was especially good today"
She is so good for a giggle 
Cats always get me off track..where was I? Oh yes, tea. Do you have a favorite tea-cup? This is mine.

This one travelled from South Korea. It was a mommy's day present.

I really should call up some friends and have them over for tea. I may ask them to dress up fancy :) if it cools down a bit. 
I'll have to look for my ostrich feathers, I know they are somewhere.

Rae-Rae says she can get some feathers if I would just let her outside.


  1. That Rae Rae is such a helpful girl. I bet she could get some feathers. I love that Sierra will help you drink tea. I love some tea and don't have one favorite cup. I like to change all the time.

  2. I drink tea all day long=hot tea every morning and iced tea throughout the day...I drink hot tea instead of coffee because my grandmother used to make it for me when I was a teenager (she made me hot cocoa when I was a little girl); she always made me feel very special and loved :), I miss her everyday (she loved cats too!)...Beautiful Sierra is adorable to help you drink your tea!!...Have a wonderful Thursday, Deb; I can never get enough Rae Rae!!

  3. Oh yes ~ a cup of tea and a kitty on my lap ~ yup ~ that's my idea of a good time! I never drink coffee ~ always tea. At least 3 times a day. I bought my mom the elephant tea pot a few years ago. So fun! I love the dragonfly tea pot ~ beautiful!

    Have a super day Deb!
    xo Catherine