Sunday, September 19, 2010


My heart is heavy as I have been informed of the loss of sweet Chico who I cared for many times. 
Although I love what I do there is a down-side to this type of job. I have had to bid farewell to yet another of my handsome kitty-clients. This gorgeous big boy has passed away. Chico was a quiet, aloof cat who lived with Max. He loved his outdoor life by day and his comfy couch at night.
 He had wonderful owners who cared for him deeply and will miss him. Because he was adopted from a shelter his age was not known for sure but he was in his senior years. It seems his kidneys began to fail and his owners made the decision to not have him suffer. I will always think of how he loved his treats and would always be waiting against the sliding door for me when I would arrive to feed him dinner. It's hard to think that I won't see him again.
 "Farewell, sweet Chico. I will miss you so much."
 Wasn't he a handsome boy?


  1. I know how you feel - I had a pet sitting business for 7 years and lost many pets I sat for - each one was like losing one of my own. Sending lots of purrs to you and Chico's family. So glad he hasd a loving home for his final years.

  2. It is always sad to have to say goodbye to a friend...God bless him!

  3. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend ~ Chico looks like a very sweet kitty.

    Warm thoughts to you Deb.
    xo Catherine

  4. We're so sorry to read of Chico's passing. Please let his humans know we're sending healing purrs and Light.

  5. RIP sweet Chico. So glad your last days were happy ones with loving people!

  6. Ah so sad to lose a kitty friend. Chico was indeed a handsome boy and will be missed by many I'm sure. Sending hugs for you and his family.