Monday, September 13, 2010

I have a Give-away for all my cat-lovin' friends & Joe loves his sister

I am just back from Toronto, Ontario and was lucky to take in some of the last of the festivals this summer. I came home with books on orchids, jewellery, a cozy sweater, gifts for my grand-daughter Riley & lots of yummy treats such as wild blueberry preserves and home-made pumpkin pillow cookies and chocolate....oh ya!
"She's having a give-away"

I also brought this little item home to have a give-away for all my blogging friends.
 Now, I presume that most of you are cat-lovers or you wouldn't be bothered looking at my site so I hope some of you would like this little dish to add to your collection. It's just as cute as can be and looks so much better in real life. For some reason it does not photograph well.  It was painted by 'Victoria Ceramics' from Mississauga, Ontario. This bowl can be used as a cat-dish or a decorative bowl on your table.
All you need to do is leave me a comment and if you have a cat or cats I would love to hear a bit about them. At least their name. I love to hear what people call their cats. You don't have to have a cat....maybe you just love dishes. I will add a few extra kitty-treats and, of course, a little surprise for you, too. The draw will be on Friday, Sept. 17th and Rae-Rae (my grand-kitty) will pick the winner. I just have to teach her how to point.

Good Luck, everyone.=^..^=

HUGS, DEB & Rae-Rae & Joe


  1. What a fun give-a-way Deb! Well you know I love the kitties. My big boy Banjo is 9 years old and I love him dearly. I wish we had a sweet cat~sitter such as you that lived close by so that we knew he was well looked after ~ but as we don't ~ we don't stray too far from home. But that is Ok ~ he's worth it!

    Hope you are all rested up from your trip!
    xo Catherine

  2. That is the cutest picture ever of Rae Rae, love it! OK...I have 3 cats...Sage who has green eyes ans as I was out walking one early morning in the fields, my golden went down into a ditch bank, sat down! I went to see why he wasn't moving and he was sitting on the tiniest baby kitten I have ever seen! I put it in my shirt and brought it home, fed it from a dropper..that is my Sage.
    #2 kitty is Samantha, a tiny street Siamese mix, so shy, sickly...she now loves me so much and sinds around my legs.
    #3 kitty is my remember him, the hurt, broken shoulder, cut up cat limping on 3 legs...brought him home, nursed him back to health all winter long. Recently took a ride to the next town and post office..was lost for the day...God connected us back together through his tender mercy to us both....all 3 live happily with us...such a blessing!
    Sorry this is so long but, you asked! LOL
    PS...the dish, love it and the colors fit into my home perfectly! I am hoping! ;D

  3. OMG! Shes as cute as a button!. I have 4 cats. Nikki who is 15 and still races through the house like an idiot, Tinkerbell 8, very shy, Harvey and Fluff who I just got from a rescue and they are 8 mos. And they all said the bowl is beautiful! They all have their paws crossed! 8>)

  4. Hi Deb! What a cute pair of siblings! You know my four! Baby Kitty and Isabella are best friends. He bathes her upon request, although she never returns the favor! lol Cute kitty plate! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Good Morning! Well, I think you've seen my Horde a time or two.
    But a word about The Baby; She has so many nicknames. Here's a few: Bibby, Bibblers, Old Grizz, Grizzled Whitey, Whitey, The Badby, Bad, and the ever popular "NO"! She says she would very much enjoy eating treats from the kitty dish!
    Rae Rae was so tiny! Joe is a good big brofur.
    Give the incredible Mr. Ed a smooch from me.

  6. Adorable baby Rae Rae and Joe!!...A very pretty dish, you are such a sweetheart to offer such a nice giveaway, but I want someone else who really loves dishes to win...Happy day, Deb.

  7. Oh my heart got so happy just looking at that dish! You of course know about my sweet Charlie. He is 11 and such a great friend to me! I have had cats all my life and just last year lost my Emily (Calico) who got out and lost and never found (OK a few tears here). It was before I was blogging. I would love to adopt another older cat but Mr ALC is happy with just one. Still Charlie is the best and he said HI and thanks for the chance at this wonderful dish! Oh and that Rae Rae is such a cutie!!

  8. Hi there! Thanks for finding my blog! Yes, I do love kitties, and that dinner plate is cute. Kat and Nat would love to win it! :-) We adopted them from a shelter about 10 months ago, and they sure keep us entertained. Can't imagine a house without kitties in it.

  9. Oooh! I love that dish! So bright and cheerful! If I am lucky enough to win it, how will I decide which kitty to give it to?
    Actually, I decided as I was typing. It would have to be my lovely Candy, who I have had longer than all the others, and she's the only one who wasn't a stray!
    Love your blog!
    Love all kitties!