Thursday, September 30, 2010

We bid farewell to Pampered Pups Pastries

Our trusty ovens and mixer baked thousands of biscuits over the last few years.
Fast hands make a lotta cookies.
Our taste-tester at work.
Family always there to help
My sister Diane helping fill orders (I couldn't have done it without her)

"Sierra, take that hat off."

Many a happy dog on Christmas morning

"Have you met the
CEO - Chief Eating Officer?"
What would we have done without Kane to taste-test. Poor dog, what a life!

8 years we have been providing our local and not-so-local dogs with the best-darned-dog-biscuits around. It is with the support of our local stores that this little business became a success.
We are so happy that this company will continue and we hope that it receives the same amount of support that we did.
Thank you so much  and
All the Best to you, Charl


A note from Kane
"It's been a 'dog-eat-cookie-world' the last 8 years. Now I will spend my time accompanying Deb on her many walks. Thanks for supporting  the ol' gal and keeping me in cookies. You've been dog-gone grrrrrrrrrreat.  Chow."


  1. When I saw the last pic of Kane going on down the road..I though; "Happy trails (tails)to you". So did you really eat one, guess you did, I haven't tried one yet..but my dogs LOVE them! And I love my little bracelet and dish :D

  2. AWW I know it's time but still sorta bittesweet Deb! Happy Trails (or tails) as Julie said!! So much to look forward too!!

  3. Deb, always look forward...on to the Cat sitting! Best of luck!

    Pee Ess: how long until you add another dish cupboard in the kitchen? LOL!

  4. Kane, we hope you enjoy more time on walks and hopefully you still have a big stash of cookies too!

  5. Well, I must say you warm my heart with your love for animals. Really. I have a dog sitting on my lap as I type, and I know the love you feel and what summoned up the business you had. People like you are "the real deal." I commend you for what you do for our furry loved ones. But alas, a new chapter in the furry tales...

  6. HI Deb! I'm so glad your wonderful business will continue. Did you really eat that cookie? :) After all, you know what's in them.
    What a business you've had and I'm sure those cute little cookies will continue to make little fuzzy faces happy all over.
    I've just returned from a trip and spent some time with my sister in law. She has two Devon Rex cats. I showed her your blog!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)