Monday, September 27, 2010

Found meself a milk jug

I delivered dog biscuits to a little town with a BIG store called Balderson Village Cheese. I felt a little sad since this is their last order while I am the owner but that didn't last long because I found this as I was leaving the building. WOOHOO! This little milk jug. Adorable! I'll just sit it right on this cupboard 'til I find the right spot. I truly am getting ridiculous with dishes but I am now looking for little white glasses to go with it.
Notice who the kitty looks like?
"That will hold milk for me, right?"

Today I meet Charl for coffee. She will be the new owner of Pampered Pups Pastries as of this Friday. We need to discuss a few things then I will have to rush back home to finish some orders.  I start cat-sitting again tomorrow for the rest of the week so I have to make use of my day off.

I hope you had a nice weekend.  Wishing you all a fine start to your week & Riley says hello.



  1. I love the milk cute that it matches your cat too! Riley is so cute, I just want to give her kisses! Happy Fall ;D

  2. That milk jug is just so cute! Great find!

    And I can't believe how quickly Riley is growing. What a gorgeous sweetheart she is. :-)

  3. Hello sweet Miss Riley! I love the Milk Jug!! Charlie would think it was for him also!! Very cute!