Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Gary & Cat-tip for the Day=^..^=Living with a blind cat

Not true, we all remembered his bday so don't go feeling sorry for him.

We had a great breakfast out with the family including little Miss Riley. She makes every occasion more special.
  Here's an adorable picture of Brit & Riley.

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Living with a blind cat

Our cat Ginny is blind. I have wondered if I could have done something to avoid this but at the age of 23 I don't think it is anything other than her age is taking over. My vet tells me that Siamese are prone to eye problems and blindness. Ginny's blindness is not secondary to a more serious problem. She has been checked over and has been given a good report on her health. I first noticed Ginny's eyes flickering when she looked into the light. I held her up to a window and her eyes did not change. Her eyes remained dilated and looked like they were vibrating. It was explained to me by my vet that Ginny's eyes are moving forward which would affect her sight and eventually she would be blind. Within a year she has lost her sight. As her owner, I am probably more disturbed by her inability to see than she is. I couldn't imagine life as a cat without vision but she seems to be content and does not show signs of depression so I am beginning to feel ok with it. I believe that Ginny has the floor plan of our home memorized and I will avoid moving her food bowls and litter box. She has lived upstairs now for a few years and I have placed all her things in one area where she is comfortable.  She loves my office and this will become her room with no disturbances. I will keep close eye on her and if I see that her quality of life has diminished then I will do what is right. For now, I will just enjoy our cuddles at the computer and cherish our time together. As you can see in this photo, Ginny enjoys looking at your blogs too and I leave your music on for her & I to listen to throughout the day. She loves the BLUES.

Here is a list of symptoms to watch for in your cat:
1.Chronic tearing in one or both eyes.
2.Excessive squinting or blinking.
3.Inflammation or redness in or around the eye/
4. A severely dilated pupil. (This was my first clue that something was wrong)
5.A sudden change in shape or colour.
6. Discharge from the eye.
See her eyes? Her pupils are very large and have a milky look to them. Her hearing is amazing which I am very thankful for. She's still lovely, don'tcha think?


  1. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed a fun family breakfast to celebrate Gary's birthday!...You really have a beautiful family, Deb; Riley is just so adorable...Ginny is a gorgeous girl; I'm so happy she has someone like you to love and care for her...Hope you have a great week, sweet friend.

  2. I think Ginny is beautiful and so sweet! Glad her hearing is so good.

    Your family looks like they had a great time, well if Miss Riley is there she is the star!! Still a Happy Birthday to Gary!

  3. Happy Birthday Gary! Deb I think your family is super, Riley is a doll.

    Ginny doesn't look anywhere near 23, she is an amazing kitty. I had a Deaf Cat and he had no problems either. As long as we Humans know what's "wrong" with our Felines it's quite easy to accomodate them and afford them happy lives.

  4. Belated birthday wishes to Gary! We're glad he had a lovely celebration.

    My, how Riley is growing! She's a real cutie pie. :-)

  5. Hi Deb! Thanks for stopping by to say hello this was nice to 'see' you. Happy Birthday to Gary! What a great looking family you have and your granddaughter is a real sweetheart. Your cats are beautiful and so is Kane...he must get along great with them. Sounds to me like Ginny lives a happy life in her own little world on the second floor and lots of love from you. Please give her a scratch for me and all the rest of your critters too..thanks! I bet your neck of the woods is starting to look pretty with the leaves all starting to change colour....enjoy it while you can. Have a great week. Maura :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Gary! Looks like it was a good one! Poor cat, I have not ever seen a blind cat but sometimes I have wondered about a couple of mine! ;D