Monday, September 20, 2010

Free-loaders trip me up

Monday was a busy day for cat-sitting and being greeted (or shall I say tripped by their zig-zag determination) at a clients' home by the neighbourhood cats. There were 3 very cute, mischievious felines blocking the door. After entering I read a note left by the client that went something like this.."Deb, do not be tricked by the neighbourhood cats that will be standing on my back deck with mouths open. They all have good homes and like to sit on my deck because I made the mistake of giving them treats when they would visit and now they think it's a free lunch every day."   I laughed because they had tricked me. I thought they were homeless cats looking for a meal although they were very healthy looking.
They did not appreciate the camera and would run when I came too close with it.
This guy popped out of her garden. Joey is the indoor cat that I had been hired to care for. She had no idea that there was a parade of cats
on her property. She is not 'cat-friendly' and likes to be the fluffy Queen of her house.

I left patting each of them on the head and I may have given them a treat from my bag, I can't remember :)
Off to visit Buddy & Chase, the Cheech & Chong duo. 
and then Big Head, Sam & Cassie
They are outdoor-only cats for now who live in well-constructed outdoor houses. 

The weather here is so beautiful and I spent a bit of today decorating the front porch..nothing too fancy, just some fresh paint (thanks, Gary) has been added along with a screen door, flowers and pumpkins. Pumpkins make "me want pumpkin pie".
 or Pumpkin cookies will do.

Hope you are falling into Autumn.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'd give them a treat too for just being cute! Joey is very floofy!

  2. I'm with cookie monster...pumpkin cookies, with chocolate chips please...oh, pretty please! LOL ;D

  3. Too funny! I would have given the moochers a treat, too. Feeding kitties is what I do!

  4. haha ~ sweet post! I love neighbourhood kitties looking for a free handout. Hmmm... pumpkin cookies... I think I like it! :)

    Happy Day Deb!
    xo Catherine