Thursday, September 16, 2010

Winner of my first give-away & A calm season

Thank you so much everyone for entering my first give-away. It was fun having one and I will certainly do another one soon. I put everyone's name on a separate paper and spread them on the floor and the first one that Rae-Rae sat on was the winner.(she just couldn't grasp the pointing lesson).  The WINNER of my Give-away is Julie from .
"Hey Julie, I sat on YOUR name"

 Julie is a mother of 8, Grand-mother of 20 & a Great-Grandmother of 1.  You will love her blog. It is full of love for her family, love of her pets, her amazing recipes and wait 'til you see where she lives. She has a gorgeous, welcoming home. Stop by to see her, you will be hooked in no time. Congratulations Julie. Send me your address and I will send off your kitty dish for Sage, Samantha & Jack to share  & a beautiful surprise gift for you created by my friend, Kath who owns Venus Beadery.@


I am thinking of decorating for Fall now. I will start with our small porch and work my way into the dining-room. This year we have added a screen door to the front so I will hang a wreath. I love seasonal decorating and so do my cats. They get to attack 'new' things (the little varmits)  in the house so with Rae-Rae here I will have to be more particular about what goes where.
I had this up 2 seconds when she spotted it. I chased her out of the dining-room which only makes her happy  since she loves being chased. I can't win!

This photo was taken last year. Kane blends in so well with the Fall colours. He always squints in the sun but refuses to wear sunglasses.

I think the Fall season is so calming along with this guy's music.  If you haven't bought his Christmas cd, I highly recommend it. It's only 98 days or so from now.

"I got a 'high-five' from James during his last concert. Am I bragging? Pfffft.....YES!"
The Master, himself
Hugs, Deb


  1. Congratulations to Julie!...That Rae Rae is a silly, wonderfully fun and beautiful girl=I just love her!!...Have a fun Friday, Deb.

  2. Hi Deb...I cannot believe I won!!! I am so thrilled, for me it couldn't have come from nicer and Rae-Rae! LOL I am so excited because this is one giveaway that I really cared about! I love what you were giving and Rae-Rae chose me! (even if she did just sit on me!) Box 113 Bicknell, Ut. 84715 Thank You SO much! I can't stop grinning ;D

  3. Rae-Rae sounds like an absolutely fabulous kitty :)

  4. I am so happy for Julie! She truly is one of the nicest ladies in Blog Land! That Rae-Rae is so funny!

  5. that is one of my favorite Holiday CD's too!

  6. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

    I love that you are decorating for fall ~ and isn't it funny how we must decorate with our beloved four legged furry friends in mind? Well they are worth it I think.

    I love Christmas Music ~ I will be sure to check James Taylor's new CD.

    Have a fantastic weekend Deb!
    xo Catherine

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winner. I loved your pictures and especialy the porch one.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Thanks for the shout out Deb, really appreciate it! :-) XXX