Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The down and out.

First off to update you on the kitten with the fractured jaw, he is doing very well. He is eating better (soft food) and today he was trying to eat some hard food just out of interest. He is staying at a foster home where there are other kittens who he gets to play with part of the day (under supervision). Good news, though. I hope he continues to heal and can find a good home. I'll keep you posted.

As I sit here posting tonight, my thoughts are on the ferals that I feed. It is pouring rain here and has been for days. I feel for these cats that don't have a warm house, a basket, a bed. All I know for sure is that they got their dinner tonight. I brought them soft food, dry food and some left-over chicken from the fridge. Even that is a problem though because it means they have to leave a dry spot to get to the truck to find their food. It all just sucks!

I won't leave them without food and will help them to get stronger for the winter months ahead. I know they have lots of shelter down in the industrial area where they live but I pray God will somehow keep them dry & warm.

Ok - time to get more positive. Let me introduce you to a wonderful lady in the Ottawa area that runs the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network. She is a firecracker and has been heading this rescue for 20 years.
Isn't this a great photo of Louise Hindle and her calico kitty.

Louise has found countless foster homes for the Ottawa area homeless cats living on our streets and has adopted out hundreds of cats to loving homes. She is a treasure. Her organization helps the ferals of Ottawa and area.

Today I am off to Almonte to make another 'last' delivery of my biscuits. I will be dropping in to Baker Bob's and the Natural Health Food Store. This is where I thank them and say my goodbye's. Bittersweet.

Rae-Rae is upside down under my bath mat. This is a morning ritual with her. Hide and then attack Nan. I'd better go and get attacked.:)

hugs, Deb

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  1. So glad the little kitty with the broken jaw is better. I know your heart hurts for the poor ferals but at least you feed them! Bless you and them. That Rae Rae has to make you smile daily!