Saturday, September 25, 2010

Buddy business

Look at this handsome boy I am caring for this weekend.
His name is Buddy and he meows like a girl.
and this little cutey who loves to be brushed.
It seems lately that a lot of my cat-clients are adding an outdoor cat or 2 to the mix when calling for my kitty-sitting service. I am more than thrilled to put food and water down for the unfortunate cats that are homeless & roaming looking for someone to help them. Thank God there are so many good people that will provide the necessities until they can come up with a better plan.  My weekend cat-sitting includes a few of these unfortunate hobos who were lucky enough to land at a house that shelters cat-lovers.

Has anyone purchased one of these smartykat flutterballs for their kitty? It is listed as one of the newest, bestest toys for your feline friend. I'm going to try to find one and I'll test them on my cat-sitting kitties. (Dig the baby blues on this cat)

Is this not the cutest window perch for cats

Last week a little black & white cat was picked up at our animal control kennel to be taken to a foster home. It was terribly thin and not eating. The foster person noticed it was not opening its' mouth properly and was having a difficult time picking up food. Off to the vet it went and was diagnosed with a fractured jaw. What happened to this little 4 month old kitten? No one knows. The vet said it most likely was kicked. So now it is  being cared for in foster and if in 6 weeks it is eating properly then it will be presumed that the fracture has healed. As of tonight, the kitten is eating better so fingers crossed that it will continue to heal. Where did this cat come from, you wonder. Just dumped by someone who was heartless and cared nothing for this little, innocent creature. Funny world we live in.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh no that breaks my hear that someone could hurt such a tiny creature. I hope the little one gets better. Love Buddy! He is a fluffy guy! I will look forward to hearing how your clients like the new toy!

  2. I cannot imagine the pain that poor kitten went through. Rotten people!

    Buddy looks my Johnny! Speaking of whom, John LOVES those flutterball toys. He totes them around the house and moans with them in his mouth...we call 'em his "Woo Feathers" because he sounds like a little fire engine. Of course his FAVORITE time for this is about 2 AM!

  3. These kitties are beautiful and so lucky to have such loving owners that feed the hobos too.

    It's sad that someone could be cruel to a helpless little animal. So sad.

    I have seen those feather toys but haven't bought any. My kitties aren't crazy about feathers, but maybe.


  4. Oh what sweet cats you are featuring today! My heart breaks to hear animals are being abused...Thank you for your generous heart...I know the animals appreciate you! Take care..