Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New followers

These two 'new followers' find my blog amazing. 
Never a dull moment in this office.

This picture is of Ruby (Bree) and Audrey. At the close of another month, my thoughts go to the three little fosters and their mom who helped me get through the month while I worried and fretted over my travelling daughter. She is still travelling in Argentina and won't be home for 2 more weeks. When I took on the care of this little family I didn't realize at the time that they would help me even more than I them. They have been a blessing and such a wonderful experience for me. I have enjoyed every minute with them and love them all so much. The mom, Annie & little Audrey still wait for their forever home. I know it's out there and they are welcome to stay with me as long as it takes. That's a promise I made to Annie right at the start.

hugs, Deb 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a gift for my friend, a gift for me

Sometimes it happens. I had shopped for my friend's gift and found just what I wanted. I was tired but happy. My feet hurt and I was hungry and just about to head home when I passed by a little antique store. "OK..I'll just pop in for a sec and..... there it was. It stopped me dead.
It took my breath away. I touched it with tenderness and peaked inside. A little french cupboard.

There was no two ways about it; it was comin' home.
I already knew where it would go and what was going in it. Someone had loved this once and taken great care of it plus I needed a home for my little white tea-pot. It has hooks to hang it on the wall but I prefer to have it sit on my Duncan Phyfe cabinet. I'm going to love changing this up all the time.

I find the little glass window panes to be charming.
See our wooden spandrel in the living-room. A spandrel is decorative woodwork that reflects the style of the period.
 I can't stop looking at it. I'm in love. "Merry Christmas to me"

"Do you think it's pretty, Audrey?  It's almost as pretty as you."

You darling, gorgeous, spunky, affectionate little kitten.
who loves to play staring games.
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Hugs, Deb

Postcards from my baby & a special birthday

A couple more weeks to go and she'll be home. She's been travelling in South America for 2 months.

I've missed her and worried every day. I'm the mom. Nothing more said.

But today is her 25th birthday and I feel sad. She should be here to celebrate.  25 There will be a party planned for when she gets home but for now she has a little tiny box with a bow to open from us. You have to have at least one little box to open on your birthday, right? It's a necklace with a turquoise bead. She loves anything turquoise. Just a little trinket for her neck. Just so she knows we are thinking of her.

Allie is in the purple coat

So "Happy Birthday Brat." This will be one birthday you will never forget. You know we miss you and can't wait to see your smiling face. I doubt you will read this as you are somewhere on a mountain but it makes me feel better just thinking you might. I hope someone bakes you a cake.
Love ya!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeing an old friend

Deck the Halls with balls of cat hair...falalalala lala la la.
I love receiving emails and posts from people who would love to start an in-home cat-sitting service.
By in-home I mean in the owner's home. That does get confusing sometimes. I do not take animals into my home because we have our own cats and a dog and it would be very frightening for a cat to be dropped off at our home. No, I go to the cat. It works just beautifully. The cat or cats get to stay in their own home with their own stuff such as their bed, window-sills, little cubbies, dishes, toys, and their own scent. They prefer it, believe me, than to be sitting at a cat boarding kennel. Yes, there may be people around at the kennel and the cat would not be alone as much but if I go into the home once or twice a day and spend quality time with the cat then all is right with their world. They get meals on time and their boxes are cleaned up every day. 2 visits a day are ideal but I understand when the owners feel that one is enough. I ask that they have a radio on if they are alone (1 cat) and that I can leave a light on for them where they spend most of their time. I always introduce myself like this each time I arrive.
I arrive at the same time each day. I often bring a book and sit on the floor and we read together. We have play-time with their familiar toys and I always have a special one in my bag for them to try out.
 Communicating with the cat is important and it is then that the personality shows through.

Some have so much to tell me since my last visit.

 I think it is important to bond with the cat and for some that means grooming them.
I just finished up with Bud and Chase, the tabby brothers. I'd have to say they are two of my most frequent kitty-clients. My office board and log book are getting filled up for the Christmas season. I will be collecting keys from new clients and digging through my key box for the familiar ones. It's so much fun to cat-sit at Christmas.
I so look forward to caring for the kitties that I have not cat-sat for awhile. For me, it's like seeing an old friend.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday

The parade was fun last night. Believe me, Riley does not really have red eyes.
Today it rained so it was a day to decorate and eat. Those pumpkin muffins are going fast. I love our entrance to be very decorated for the holidays. These little wooden ornaments are my favorite and this year I will add to my collection. Riley will loves these, I'm sure.
I spent a lot of the day just 'chillin'.  I'm preparing a corner for our table tree this year. Can you imagine me with just a tree on a table. Last year our tree was the largest we have ever had; close to 10 feet tall.
I'm looking forward to a small tree just loaded to the top with ornaments. Little twinkly lights at the skirt and all the gifts tucked under the table. Just something different. I'll have a tiny one in the kitchen too. Better get goin.....

Here is my stairway done up with garland and a few Santas' for Riley. Since Annie & Audrey like to play on the stairs I'll be putting them away again until Christmas eve.

It's been a fun, lazy kinda day. The retired guy's cookin' tonight.

hugs, Deb

Calling on the help & toxic plants at Christmas

It's time to get out some decorations. (photos taken last week)



What would I do without all this help? 
Did you know that kittens never stop moving. Oh no they don't.
As soon as I vacuum I'll be decorating the stairs.
Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Toxic Christmas plants
The popular Christmas plants are toxic to cats. Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia's must be kept out of their reach or better still, do not have them in your home at Christmas. I love all these plants but enjoy them only at cat-free homes just to be on the safe side.
hugs, Deb

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pure Pumpkin Pleasure

Sometimes there is nothing better than a muffin with your tea.
Real, fresh butter is a must. 
mixed with organic free-range eggs and some sugar.

You need:
1 cup of butter
2 1/2 cups of white sugar
3 large brown eggs
mix this together
   in a separate bowl....
3 cups of flour
1 tsp. each of the following...
baking powder
baking soda
1/2 tsp of nutmeg
add to butter mixture
add 2 cups of pure pumpkin
add 1 tsp of vanilla
add raisons or nuts if you like
This will make 2 loaves or 32 muffins
bake at 350 for 1 hour or for muffins 25 minutes

Company will make this go faster

I saved one for you

Pop by, if you can. After the parade, of course.
hugs, Deb

Pumpkin muffins hit the spot.
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Cat proof your tree

Time to move you and your bed."
"Not movin'!"

"Too bad. You're missing out"
Bones and all.
I know two others that will eat your share."
"Drat!! You know how to get to me."
  I'm baking pumpkin loaves again for the freezer. They are such a hit with my family. Riley's favorite.

Now, on to why I wrote this post. There are lots of trees up already. I feel so unorganized. They probably don't have cats, though.
Are you worried about putting up a Christmas tree with your curious cat around?
Here are a few tips...
Put the tree up for a few days without decorating it.
Place the tree in a space that has open space around it. Be sure they can't jump from a high spot. Make sure the tree is firmly placed in the tree-stand.
Tie the tree at the top to something solid.
Decorate with caution...all sentimental decorations should be placed at the top.
Breakable ones, too.
If you can, do not decorate the bottom of the tree for awhile.
No tinsel, please. It is very dangerous for cats.
Tape down all the cords and have no dangling wires.
 They don't know that this big toy is not there for them. They think you just bought them the toy of all toys. They just want to play. Take a deep breath and be patient. Just like a dog, a firm "NO" may work for your cat. Well, maybe a few "No's"
You know I have lots of cats but my cats are all seniors now and do not touch the tree. They like to just lie underneath and look at the lights and decorations. Basically, they are just too lazy for anything more. This year we will have a large table tree for a change. Last year our tree was 9 feet tall. I'll keep you posted on how they are with a table-top tree.

I'm starting to collect items for our local animal shelter to help them through the winter months. Please remember the homeless animals this season and if  you can, please donate to your shelter. They need each and every one of us to care. Thanks
hugs, Deb

Light up for parade night

Our little town parade is Saturday night.

The out-door lights are up.
We'll have hot chocolate and treats after the parade at Nan's house.

That would be me.

Last year, Riley was just a babe and she loved it then.
Here we are watching for Santa.

She's a year and a half now. This year will be awesome.
Must go and bake more pumpkin muffins for her.

hugs, Deb