Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 Annie had time-out today. Time away from the cat-room. She is getting agitated and there are times she just wants to be away from them. Other times she wants them close to her. It's a difficult time right now for her as she needs to  have her own space. I gave her the second floor to roam and she enjoyed that. She spent some time in the office with me then asked to go back into the kitten room.

The kittens did not miss her.

Off to cat-sit and pick up keys for the weekend. I'm so looking forward to seeing some of my cat-sitting client's cats. They are all such unique little characters.
I have loaded up the cat-bag with treats, toys, a new brush & comb and some reading material. For me, not the cat. They love nothing more than for me to sit on the floor and read with them on my lap. 

 There are 42 kittens on the shelter's website. All under 3 months of age. It is a very difficult time up there. They have a total of 152 cats. My heart goes out to them.

Mine will just stay put for now. Bree will go to her new home November 15.

                               A circle of contentment

hugs, Deb


  1. There really is no greater unconditional love, that of a furbaby. You are a true blessing to these little creatures of God... Bless you my friend xo HHL

  2. Oh how I wish every living thing had love, shelter and food.....I guess that's heaven. You're sure doing your part in making a better life for so many.

  3. Cats are such wonderful creatures. It's sad how many people just toss them away... you have done a wonderful job with Annie and her babies. I love that last photo. I hope all of those 152 find the love and shelter they deserve. I wish I could adopt them all.

  4. oh my goodness that circle of contentment is just priceless and precious.;)

  5. That last picture is just adorable. Thats a lot of homeless kitties and hope they find homes soon.. Hugs GJ xx Cant comment as me again..