Monday, November 21, 2011

feline freedom & lesson learned

I took a walk around the neighbourhood with Kane.

It is always so quiet at 1pm except for the many felines that roam around.
 None are street cats, they are indoor-outdoor cats that have freedom all day while their owners work.
Can you see him?

 Many of them I have photographed in their windows. They don't know that though.

If Kane wasn't with me I'd be calling them over but they must keep their distance. The smart ones do.

Here's a cat-sitter tip of the day=^..^=double checking

If you are a cat-sitter you will want to read this. 
A client of mine called  to book me in for cat-sitting. She said she needed my service from November 24th to the 28th.  I repeated the dates back to her as I wrote them into my log book.This particular client has left a permanent key with me as she is a regular. We chatted a bit and I thanked her for using my service once again and was just about to hang up when she said "Oh ya, I'm leaving now so could you come in the morning tomorrow?" NOW?  It was Nov. 18.
I replied.."Wait! That's not right. You gave me next week's dates."  Yes, she gave me the wrong dates and could have just hung up thinking that I would be starting the next day. The cat would have been alone for a week. This could have been a horrible situation. One I can barely think about.  So, I have learned from this and from now on will have the client not only repeat the dates but I will reply with something like "So, I start NEXT WEEK from Nov.......and so on. Double-check and double-check again. This has never happened before in 17 years of cat-sitting.
hugs, Deb


  1. I love the cat photos you get. The one of the cat on the outside window sill is great! So glad the dates got straightened out. That could be a horrible outcome otherwise. hugs to you Deb! XO Linda

  2. Wow, so glad the lady got her dates straight...that would have been awful

    I seldom see cats like you do in your area. Maybe there's more cats in Canada....
    Beautiful pictures again!

  3. that was lucky that you confirmed that. I agree I would have hated to think of what could have happened.

    I have to say I was not happy when I saw the black and white kitty near the top sitting by the street corner. It makes me nervous as a car could hit it. I am not one that is an advocate of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle unless the person has acreage. That is just my opinion.

  4. Deb,

    I have a great cat sitting job over our Thanksgiving weekend. This will be the second time. I think about you whenever this family calls. I'd love to build a business like yours.

  5. Oh my, so glad a terrible situation was prevented there!!