Tuesday, November 22, 2011

6 being the magic # hopefully

This post is only for cat-lovers. Just jump over to your next blog if you are here for dishes :-)

I'm not even going to mention how many types of food I have tried on these kittens to get a solid 'gift'. Yes, I would call it a gift at this point. These two are a mystery as far as what's best for their guts. Annie is happy and doing well on her dry food with a little 'fibre' canned but I have yet to find the magic potion for the kits.  Today I stumbled once again into a store, that I swear I should have stocks in, and left with a grain-free dry food. ca...ching!! Can I ask you why, when they remove an ingredient from a food, that it ends up costing you your next yoga class payment.? There is a chorus of "Bye Deb....see you tomorrow" from the staff. Oh ya, they are so funny. Okey, dokey....let's see what they can do with this.

They are the most beautiful, happiest, funniest, most active, purrring all the way, little kittens I have ever met.
 But when they hit the litter doesn't look right.  The vet tells me all is clear of any 'nasties' so I just have to find the right food. Now, there are 1,345 types of cat food now. I'm at 6. It's a long tunnel ahead, I'm afraid.

Fingers crossed that this works.
"I have stinky poo"

I only wish admitting it was the cure.
Just go back to chewin' on your mom, Audrey.
I spoke to Shelly, who does fostering of kittens in our town, and told her all about the different types of food I have tried and still haven't found the right one. I mentioned she could have all the bags and cans of food that fell short of being the best food for these gals. She said that she had a lot of food donated by kind folks that was not for kittens and that I could have that for the ferals. I will gladly take it as it is this time of year that I try to put more food down for these poor strays. Snow is expected soon and it's cold. Shelly understands and helps when she can.
Hugs, Deb


  1. When my Peanut was a baby he experienced the same problem. He was put on antibiotics, tested for parasites, and finally was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. For a few years he ate Eukanuba low residue food. I'm not sure but I think I had to buy it at the vets. He also was put on prednizone. He went into remission after a couple of years and it fine now. Eat regular cat food for many years now.

  2. Hoping #6 is the cure for the 'stinky poops'...I think the exchange of food is great and will help you feed the ferals! Wishing you a good week with those sweet kitties! hugs, Linda

  3. Good luck in your food search! I know how frustrating it can be, having been through it with one of the dogs.

  4. I have had awfully good luck with switching from kibble to canned or frozen. No grains or any kind. Meat with vegetables. A digestive enzyme and Probiotic is called for at this time. I use Animal Essentials brand of "Plant Enzymes & Probiotics." If you have a specialty "Natural Food Pet Store" nearby -- they should be knowledgable." (Not a Petco or Pet's Smart chain store.)

    Yes, the food costs more -- but the vet bills should shrink.

  5. For a very long time, Theo was producing liquid to soft 'gifts'. We tried different foods and all sorts of medical diagnostic procedures. Couldn't find anything. Eventually gave him metamucil with each meal and it did the trick. Here it is years later and we are still weaning him off it.

    I hope the kitts start giving your 'gifts' you enjoy better!

  6. Aunty Deb,
    When Sebastian first came, his poo poo was all liquidy. Well, we don't what he's been eating, the poor mite, when he was elsewhere. But now, Mama is feeding him IAMS kitten (with roast chicken, no less) that she soaks in warm Just Born kitten milk. His "gift" is solid and not messy anymore. Because of his injuries, he can't behave as any normal feline, that is of burying his poo in litter. So solid poo is easy to handle. We hope that his limbs will be stronger soon, so that we can toilet train him. purrr....meow!

  7. Yeah, I so relate to the search to find decent food that works for their systems. Derry doesn't do well on too much fibre, but Nicki needs some--just not too rich or with potato (think it's potato). Took a LONG time and a lot of food to sort things out. Then, Derry has struvite crystals and had a bout of idiopathic cystitis earlier this fall, so now I've got them reduced to 1/8 cup kibble a day, plus canned. Only they won't eat Wellness or any other "high end" food that's "supposed" to be good for them. So trying to find a grain and veggie-free canned food they'll eat is tough. Trying to find one that is grain-free, veggie-free AND by-product-free *that they'll eat* is well nigh impossible.

    So fingers crossed for you, that you find a food that works well for them!

  8. Teddy had the same problems and the vet suggested we try prescription food ... very $$$ but it works ... venison and green pea! Every now and then I slip in some duck and green pea, but he prefers the venison. What we do for our babies.......

  9. I am probably reading this post wrong so if I'm wrong, just forgive me.

    It sounds like you are trying one type of food and if they produce loose stools after you are switching the next meal. You do need to give it a few days on each food to let things settle. At this point I'm sure their colons are so upset that even when they get the right food it is still going to go right through them.

    Seriously, try just raw ground chicken or hamburger at their next two meals.. (if you are giving primarily poultry foods, use the hamburger, or mostly beef give the chicken)