Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ed & a trip to our shelter

Update on Ed (our Siamese)
Photo taken February, 2011.
He is doing a little better but it will be slow going. My concern is in the litter-box. Not enough going on there. We are to exercise him so today we stood him up and put a scarf around his middle to hold him up. He started to take some steps. Whew! We took him out to the yard and with the scarf holding up his middle we walked him around the yard. He moves his injured back leg but when the scarf is removed he can't hold himself up and collapses. It brings me to tears. The vet wants us to exercise him many times throughout the day and we will. I have the determination to help him recover. I just hope he does, too. He could use your prayers.

I was off to the vet after cat-sitting this morning. I took Nigel up to be micro-chipped as he has been adopted. Audrey still waits for her forever home.  
The shelter was so full there were even kittens in the office. Gorgeous kittens ready to be adopted.
While I was there for half an hour the phone rang probably 30 times, the vet came in armed with medications and looking to be directed to the needy animals, a fellow stood there patiently waiting to have a dog that he had picked up running loose checked for a micro-chip. Someone ran by with a mop announcing the drain where the dog runs are was plugged and another person came in loaded down with donations of dog biscuits and towels. With all this commotion, Nigel just sat there looking around and quiet as a mouse. He is such a darling. He got his chip put in (ouch) but never made a peep.

If you get a chance to help out your local animal shelter this Christmas, please do. I don't know what we would do without this building, the tire-less staff and all the wonderful volunteers that do what they do because they really care about these homeless animals. Please donate.

hugs, Deb  


  1. We've been praying for Ed throughout the day and will continue to offer prayers for him. Looking at that sweet, beautiful boy and knowing he is unwell brings us to tears too. We are pleased to hear he will attempt to use the leg which will keep the muscle "memory" from fading. Does he have sensation to his foot? Could it be a nerve in his back that was injured? Back injuries in humans often cause numbness to lower estremities. We are beside ourselves with worry. Please continue to kiss him for us and let him know we all love him very much.
    God bless you.

  2. Amazing how suddenly these things can happen. I'm also praying for Ed and for you. May healing come quick.

  3. Prayers for Ed
    and a (hug) for you.
    Keeping you all in thoughts

  4. Sending lots of prayers for sweet Ed.

  5. Oh no, not handsome Mr. Ed!! Sending huge purrs and prayers his way. He's in good hands with you, Deb. Give him a *smooch* from me.

  6. I sure hope he'll be OK. It's heartbreaking to see them in pain. Here's praying for a quick recovery.

  7. Oh Deb I didn't know Ed was hurt! I am so sorry and I'm praying for him. I know you love this sweet guy so much! Yes our animal shelters need our help for sure! hugs, Linda

  8. Sending lots of love and purrs for sweet Ed to get feeling better soon! Poor kitty!

    Oh those kittens are growing ~ adorable!

    xo Catherine

  9. Yes, prayers are going up for your sweet Mr. Ed. We hurt when our babies hurt, don't we?...hugs...Debbie

  10. Sending prayers for your lovely Mr. Ed. I missed that part of the post last time....

    Get well soon.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. Sending good thoughts and love to your beautiful old boy. I hope he mends well and soon.