Friday, November 25, 2011

Cat proof your tree

Time to move you and your bed."
"Not movin'!"

"Too bad. You're missing out"
Bones and all.
I know two others that will eat your share."
"Drat!! You know how to get to me."
  I'm baking pumpkin loaves again for the freezer. They are such a hit with my family. Riley's favorite.

Now, on to why I wrote this post. There are lots of trees up already. I feel so unorganized. They probably don't have cats, though.
Are you worried about putting up a Christmas tree with your curious cat around?
Here are a few tips...
Put the tree up for a few days without decorating it.
Place the tree in a space that has open space around it. Be sure they can't jump from a high spot. Make sure the tree is firmly placed in the tree-stand.
Tie the tree at the top to something solid.
Decorate with caution...all sentimental decorations should be placed at the top.
Breakable ones, too.
If you can, do not decorate the bottom of the tree for awhile.
No tinsel, please. It is very dangerous for cats.
Tape down all the cords and have no dangling wires.
 They don't know that this big toy is not there for them. They think you just bought them the toy of all toys. They just want to play. Take a deep breath and be patient. Just like a dog, a firm "NO" may work for your cat. Well, maybe a few "No's"
You know I have lots of cats but my cats are all seniors now and do not touch the tree. They like to just lie underneath and look at the lights and decorations. Basically, they are just too lazy for anything more. This year we will have a large table tree for a change. Last year our tree was 9 feet tall. I'll keep you posted on how they are with a table-top tree.

I'm starting to collect items for our local animal shelter to help them through the winter months. Please remember the homeless animals this season and if  you can, please donate to your shelter. They need each and every one of us to care. Thanks
hugs, Deb


  1. And beware with ribbon! One of the cat bloggers kitty had to have emergency surgery to save her life after eating a ribbon. We do know that tinsel is the worst.
    We made a platform out of a large square of heavy plywood ( as big as the diameter of the tree at its widest point) and nailed some wood pieces to the bottom. We then placed our tree in it's stand and nailed the stand to the center of the plywood square. No toppled tree even when under seige from kitty vandals. I use only look alikes made from plastic from knee hight down and maintain an ever ready collection of sparkle balls and jingle balls to distract potential attackers. So far we've had great luck.

  2. I just took down our tree as one the furry brats here ate some ornament parts =(

  3. Some great tips - and beautiful kitties. :) I always enjoy reading your blog, even if I don't always get the chance to comment.

  4. Deb, we don't have a tree for 13 reasons!

  5. I think we may try getting a smaller tree and follow your advice, though =)
    I love the tempting Sierra story!

  6. Hehe!
    Lovely post!
    Aunty Marilia and Bavarescats