Saturday, November 5, 2011

Can I mention Christmas?

The weather has turned colder but it is oh, so sunny.
 There are rumours of snow on the way. I'm not wishing for winter but
that puts me in the mood to think 'Christmas'. I have started my shopping and this year I have decided to have a table tree instead of a large, traditional one.
This will be quite a change for me because I always looked for the biggest, tallest tree in the field. Now I want one 4 feet tall. I can start planning, right? I love to buy presents, wrap them and give them away. Come on...I know I'm not the only one itchin' for Christmas.

Maybe some hot chocolate will do the trick.

"Hey, if you're feeling so 'giving' how about filling up this bowl with some grub."

                                   Bree says "Howdy" 

hugs, Deb


  1. I for one am anxiously awaiting the appearance of peppermint bark in the stores...yummy with a cup of strong hot tea!

  2. I've been reading the store ads just this morning and making a list. I have to order my English goods way in advance before Christmas, sometimes the stores run out of Christmas puds early :(
    We started our day in the 30s and this afternoon has warmed up to 71 degrees, amazing !
    Your kitties live the life of riley :)

  3. Hi Deb, I think about Christmas all during the year. I love to make handmades for my grandchildren for Christmas, so I try to put a great deal of thought into it. In my mind, it is never too early to think about the holidays. Oh,,the kitties are getting even cuter if that is possible. Jean

  4. I went Christmas shopping this morning =)
    Though there was one item that may not make it under the Christmas tree!
    A nice mug of hot chocolate stirred with a candy cane can help...
    I have always put up a small tree but my Winston kitty finds it so fascinating that it doesn't always stay vertical. I'm always on the lookout for ornaments that the kitty brats can't eat or destroy--a Christmas challenge for sure.
    I love your white dishes.
    Poor Sierra --hope she got a wee something for her efforts !

  5. nowadays its never too early to get started with preparations..because otherwise we are left (usually scrambling ) anyway to get it all done and mailed out etc..oh a hot cup of cocoa sounds great right now..and give them babies a love for me.;)

  6. I have started my Christmas shopping but will wait until after our Thanksgiving to start the decorations!

  7. That first cat looks like such a cuddle muffin.
    I shocked you can have a tree with all your cats! Seems like the perfect cat toy (my cat is all over mine so I have to keep it in the bedroom (no cat zone).
    Lorraine :-}

  8. Deb, you're not the only one! I'll give Thanksgiving its due, but I've already started Christmas plans. It's so nice to visit and the little ones have grown so much and are so cute!
    You all are certainly going to have to hunt high and low to find a home as good as the one they have now.

    Season's Greetings, Deb & family!
    --Julie & Tom

  9. I'm itching to put up my Christmas tree right along with you Deb!
    xo Catherine

  10. Count me in the can't wait for Christmas gang. And I'm with Katnip Lounge concerning peppermint bark and tea! Heaven on earth!
    Theres not going to be a great big tree at Gran's for Riley to enjoy? And Allie?
    Riley is at the age where she is really going to appreciate Christmas. There is something really magical about Christmas at Gran's . There really is! I'm older than you but I remember it like it was yesterday.