Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank you Joan

I had a sweet surprise arrive in the mail from Greece today. Imagine!
 Sierra was so happy to see the mailman and receive her surprise package. All packages are hers,  ya know.
Joan sent this 'just because' and I was thrilled to receive it. All brightly wrapped with a bow.

I think Joan knows I loved a certain statue at one of my client's homes and she sent me this decoration for my tree. How beautiful.  I love this. Sierra and Cali were delighted with their ribbon and feather gifts.

This blogging thing is so much fun. I just love to send little gifts and of course it is wonderful to receive one.
"Thank you so much Joan."

Joan works so hard in Greece to help the homeless cats. I can hardly put into words how wonderful this woman is. I just have to think of all her hard work and dedication and it brings me to tears. Thank you so much, my friend.
Joan has a fund-raiser on to help feed these homeless cats in her area. Please drop by to say hi, take a peek at her etsy shop and see what wonderful work this fabulous lady does. She works tirelessly for these cats and I think we can help her, don't you?

Update on our cats... Ed is improving but I don't think he will ever walk the same as before again. He is eating well, using the box and still sleeps with Lily but when he walks we see the damage. I am thankful that he does not show signs of pain. He is on medi-cam for a few more days. Time may improve this.
Annie had a better poop today for the first time. I think the Fibre food is doing something good and her dry is now lamb & rice instead of chicken. I'm just trying it to see if it makes the difference.

I am so sad that a potential home for her has fallen through. The couple is now expecting and decided not to take on a pet at this time. I have asked the shelter to now place her on their website while I keep looking for that perfect home for this dear, sweet cat. There are just so many cats out there right now that are in need and Annie is just one more. No calls for Audrey yet even though she is up on their site.

Hugo is still on one insulin shot a day. He's a happy guy, though.

My daughter Allie is now in Chile, the world's longest country. It stretches more than 2700 miles along the southwestern coast of  South America. We have been getting postings from her every few days.  She is having a great time.

That's it, folks. Thanks for asking. Now drop over to Joan's blog and enjoy her beautiful photographs.
hugs, Deb


  1. What a super sweet gift! I will go by her blog and check it out. So sad that homes for Annie and Audrey have not been found yet. Glad Ed is doing OK and not in pain. Hoping you have a good weekend. hugs, Linda

  2. Beautiful gifts, Deb! So glad Ed is doing better. I am sure your vet has covered all the bases, but have you tried Cosequin? Ozzie has a chipped elbow and it seems to help her though rough spells. Thanks so much for your congratulations! I appreciate all the bloggy love!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Glad Ed and Annie are doing well, and I do hope ANnie and Audrey find homes soon. xoxox

  4. What a sweet and thoughtful gift..... and all the way from Greece......Beautiful gifts.

    Your kitty pictures are always so exceptionally sweet.

    Happy weekend!

  5. If we had room at the inn (and Annie wouldn't have to move across the border), she would be the kinda girl I would love to have.

  6. What a wonderful gift -- and looks like the gifts of ribbon and feathers were a big hit, too! It's always good to hear about your cats!

    I always love the photos of the cats in Greece -- I hadn't thought about them being homeless, just lovely models. I will check out her site.

  7. What a wonderful gift you got ,all the way from Greece.
    My mom has been to Rhodes an island that belong to Greece.
    We will go over and visit Joans site NOW !!!

  8. Isn't Joan just the sweetest? She is a gal with a big big heart! Such lovely gifts.
    xo Catherine

  9. Deb you are such a LOVELY friend!
    I am a little choked up... but want to thank you so much. This feature has already made a difference in terms of raising funds, so thank you ever SO much. Your images are simply adorable - they look just perfect with the ribbon and the feather! And yes, I did of course see your lovely image of the stature of Francis of Assisi a while back. I sincerely hope Ed at least continues to live without pain. And I'm so sorry to hear about no one spotting the precious Annie. As I've said before I'd scoop her up on the spot (and Audrey too!). And I hope Allie stays safe on her travels - how exciting for her!
    Hand over my heart (like they so beautifully do it here in Greece when they pass a sincere thank you) - thank you for the feature Deb.
    From your friend,

  10. Own!
    Is so delicious receive a gift of dear friends!
    Auntie Marilia & Bavarescats

  11. What a lovely and thoughtful gift.
    While I am sad that Annie's adoption fell through, I am glad that this family recognized this beforehand. It would have been terrible if she had been adopted only to loose yet another home.
    Audrey's family will come forward soon.
    As long as our Ed is happy and has Lily to cuddle with, he will be fine. He's in our prayers.
    Allie's adventure is really something. I forgot, when does she return?