Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cat Clinic - come on in.

Today little Bree was microchipped  so she will be ready to leave for her new home. The chip is injected into the back of the neck and is the size of a grain of rice. It is done so quickly the kitten hardly notices. I fret more than the kitten, I'm sure. The little wound is to be kept dry and the area should not be touched for a day or two. That means YOU- Audrey.
I took Bree and Audrey up to the clinic today without Annie. I'm trying to get her used to being without them. She did fine.
Annie is on another new food called Fibre. She still has loose poops. Good Lord!
I have never struggled with this kind of thing before. It's going on too long. I have to remember what this wee girl has been through in the last 3 months. She has delivered 3 kittens at a very young age, was already malnourished when found in an abandoned home along with 35 other animals. She had worms. She had fleas. She was terrified. Then scooped up from the shelter and brought to my home to live in a spare bedroom. She has been through too much. We have changed her food often, added a supplement & now she eats more dry than moist. To this date, not much change. She seems happy and her coat looks good in spite of it all but I can't find her a home until she has this issue corrected.

Ed seemed very tired today and had more clumsiness than yesterday with his injured leg. He is on an anti-inflammatory medication. I really think he did too much walking once he started again. We are trying to keep him resting and yet exercised throughout the day. This will be slow-going. He's eating fine and cleans himself up as he always did after his meals. He loves to sleep by the fire-place and spends most of his day there.
Taken Christmas 2010
Hugo is on one insulin shot a day. His numbers are better but not good enough.  I really hope we can get him off this medication at some point.
I think it's time to hang a sign on the porch....Cat Clinic...come on in.

hugs, Deb


  1. Poor Annie~ she remindz da mom of Ana when she first came to live wif us......
    we hope thingz getz better fur her real soon ^..^

  2. Oh dear I hope you can sort out the problems that are following you and all feel better soon. Love the pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Bree just has that innocent face down perfectly.. I can't believe she is still waiting for a home, she's so pretty.

    Annie - have you considered going grain free for her? she might have a grain allergy. I just went through that with Bug, she was leaking poop while on dry food, but putting her on grain free wellness kept her solid and healthy (we did raw first to get things solid, which it worked very well very fast)

    I didn't know you had a diabetic kitty too. I knew I liked you. I'm curious.. what does Hugo eat?

  4. I send lots of purrs for Annie !
    I have a lose stool too ! because I got worm. The doctor give me medicine 2 types. 1 for kill worm in my body , 1 pill last long for 3 months, and another pill is for lose stool, I have to take it for 5 days and he asks me to skip the wet food. He said if I can eat boiled chicken and rice, it will help me too. May be you can try with Annie.

  5. Such sweet kitty faces! I'm no help at all, but I did like looking over your darling little tree! The season goes so fast, it hardly seems early at all!

  6. Such sweet faces... even the one with the yawn and all those teeth!
    Love cats!!!

  7. Honey, you have a heart of gold! That Bree has the cutest little face.