Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well,  what do you know....another new month is upon us.

I suppose it won't be long before we see the white stuff in our yard.

"Oh, good morning, Calaus. 
What are you doing in our tree? Looking for birds again? You know I'm gonna chase you home because I like the birds and my cats are finally too old to harass them."

"Off you go now"

Did you notice his eyes? Lucky for him he has two different coloured eyes. Because he is a pure white cat, if he had two baby blues he would be completely deaf. Calaus is only deaf on the right side where he does have a blue eye. 

So he did hear me and the birds are safe now.

"Happy November"

hugs, Deb 


  1. Really? Wow, I did not know that, how interesting. Happy November!

  2. He looks like Miss Truls, my white cat :-) She is because she has a few faint gray streaks on the tail.


  3. I didn't know that one blue eye could mean one deaf side! Amazing. Off you go, buddy!

  4. I remember hearing this once, but had forgotten it. I wonder why this is so of white cats?

  5. Beautiful kitty! I love birds but I'd love to have such a handsome visitor to my garden even more. I wonder how your daughter is celebrating Halloween/ Dia de Los Santos in South America.