Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Annie & Curly-top

It's been a busy few days. I've been cat-sitting Dominique and Bud & Chase. 
Helma, the German Shepherd also needed care. I'll be picking up keys tomorrow for more cat-care this weekend. Annie and the kittens keep me busy, too.

Annie has been to see the vet and was given more de-worming (poor dear cat) and a shot of B12 to help with stress. They also gave me some FortiFlora (feline nutritional supplement to manage cats with diarrhea) to add to her food to help with the diarrhea. They are not sure why she is having problems as there are many reasons for loose stool.  She is up a little in weight since last week and now weighs 6lbs 4oz. She was 5lbs. 4oz 10 days ago. Her stool sample showed no parasites and was clear of any bacteria.

One of my cat-sitting clients dropped in after work tonight to see the kittens. She really enjoyed their antics and also spent a lot of time talking with Annie. If only she didn't have 3 cats already. I just know she would scoop her up.

Nana needs to brag again. I just love this hat on Riley and wanted to share it. I'll be taking her to the book store tomorrow and we'll share some lemon poppy-seed cake, too. It's her favorite.

I hope she wears this hat tomorrow. It looks so cute with the curls.
                           although I love her hair straight, too.
                                                  Ta da!

This post was written yesterday. How quickly things can change. Thank you to all who have sent good thoughts for Mr. Ed. Our darling Ed had a bad tumble today and has lost all use of his back left leg. He was at the clinic for x-rays and is home now resting beside the wood stove. He cannot walk so we are having to carry him to the box.  There is a chance his leg will recover but only a possibility. Our vet will look at him again tomorrow.
It's been a hell of a day.
hugs, Deb


  1. We're sending purrs for Mr. Ed and for Annie too! We hope they both get well soon!

    Riley is a cutie with her curls!

  2. Ed fell! Oh no!
    Had to stop a pray for him.
    We love him so much! How did we miss this. We know YOU will give him the finest care but is there nothing more the vet can do for him? Is there something he can be given for pain? We are sending all of our love his way and of course continued prayers. We love this darling boy so much. We beg God to help him to get well. Please kiss and cuddle him for us. Our hearts are breaking.

  3. Thanks for your prayers. We have to wait this out a little bit to see if there is any improvement. He is not in pain and is eating ok. Unfortunately there is no movement in his back left leg. They have put him on medi-cam and he is to rest. Easier said than done but he is doing ok. We had him xrayed to see if there is any break but none was found. He is 22 years old so recovery is questionable. We wait...

  4. I'm sending prayers for your Mr Ed.
    I'm sorry to hear this.

  5. I came back a post to check on Mr Ed and I am so sorry he is hurt. Praying for him. That said your darling Grand is the pretties girl!!
    hugs, Linda

  6. Your cutie patootie granddaughter makes up for the sadness of Ed's injury. Purrs and kisses from my three kitties.