Monday, November 14, 2011

Little trees...little Audrey

From now 'til December I start to decorate my home for Christmas.
I start with little trees and enjoy them for awhile.

These evergreens were left to me by my mom. She knew I loved them.

Wood and tin birds.
Just a little here and there. Not too much decorating 'til end of Nov.

Audrey is still in need of a loving home. I can't believe no one has fallen in love with her yet.
She's such a beauty.
She looks at you with such soulful eyes.
Then she's off to somersault across the floor.
She's a 'cat-dancer' fan.

After cat-sitting,  I am heading to a Christmas shop in our town. I'll show you around. Have a great day.

Hugs, Deb


  1. I love your little Christmas trees =)
    Our Christmas tree is now sporting only fabric and pewter type ornaments. No tempting glass glittery orbs for us !
    I think Audrey is adorable. I hope she finds a home soon!

  2. I think that is so sweet to start with the trees and enjoy them then add more decorations! Little Audrey is so cute I'm praying she finds a forever home soon! hugs, Linda

  3. Those are the sweetest little Christmas trees.....
    Hoping someone comes along soon to give little Audrey the perfect/loving home. I bet she's missing her playmates.

  4. Little Audrey is so cute and all that energy!!
    I hope she finds a home soon.
    I love your little trees.


  5. I love you three evergreens. A little Christmas forest full of dreams and enchantment.

    Today Audrey looks very much like the soft, sweet kitty that she is. Maybe more photos of her will entice her forever family to come and take her home.

    Love to al.

  6. Hi, My Mom and I just found your blog today. We don't know what is more cute...kittens, trees, or dishes!