Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeing an old friend

Deck the Halls with balls of cat hair...falalalala lala la la.
I love receiving emails and posts from people who would love to start an in-home cat-sitting service.
By in-home I mean in the owner's home. That does get confusing sometimes. I do not take animals into my home because we have our own cats and a dog and it would be very frightening for a cat to be dropped off at our home. No, I go to the cat. It works just beautifully. The cat or cats get to stay in their own home with their own stuff such as their bed, window-sills, little cubbies, dishes, toys, and their own scent. They prefer it, believe me, than to be sitting at a cat boarding kennel. Yes, there may be people around at the kennel and the cat would not be alone as much but if I go into the home once or twice a day and spend quality time with the cat then all is right with their world. They get meals on time and their boxes are cleaned up every day. 2 visits a day are ideal but I understand when the owners feel that one is enough. I ask that they have a radio on if they are alone (1 cat) and that I can leave a light on for them where they spend most of their time. I always introduce myself like this each time I arrive.
I arrive at the same time each day. I often bring a book and sit on the floor and we read together. We have play-time with their familiar toys and I always have a special one in my bag for them to try out.
 Communicating with the cat is important and it is then that the personality shows through.

Some have so much to tell me since my last visit.

 I think it is important to bond with the cat and for some that means grooming them.
I just finished up with Bud and Chase, the tabby brothers. I'd have to say they are two of my most frequent kitty-clients. My office board and log book are getting filled up for the Christmas season. I will be collecting keys from new clients and digging through my key box for the familiar ones. It's so much fun to cat-sit at Christmas.
I so look forward to caring for the kitties that I have not cat-sat for awhile. For me, it's like seeing an old friend.

hugs, Deb


  1. Haha ~ I think I have some of those cat hair balls decking my halls too! All those kitties are lucky to have you looking after them Deb ~ the owners too! Wonderful!

    Happy Monday!
    xo Catherine

  2. I think you are providing such a wonderful service.
    My daughter used to come and babysit my little zoo when we would go somewhere.

    Such cute pictures today!! I love the one where the cat is talking.

  3. Your opening 'song' cracked me up...for just having one cat I sure do get lots of hair balls in my hallway! I love how you enjoy your clients and always look forward to seeing them and I bet them you! hugs, Linda

  4. =) Your cat photos make me smile.
    When I see pictures like this-of kitty brats so obviously bonding with a person--it makes me feel a bit sorry for some people I know who don't like cats.

  5. I laughed at the *deck the halls with balls of cat fur* .... been there and done that! You have some wonderful furry help! :D :D

  6. I am so glad that you gave these tips. I've been looking after a friends cat for 3 weeks now. She is in the hospital, and can't be at home. But she doesn't feel that her cat needs someone to drop by more then once a day....

    I was going to ask your advice, but you have already answered my questions. Thanks.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. I'm so glad I caught this post, Deb. I thot you took cats into your home, and wondered how that would work. (I know you have fostered.) You are just the dream cat sitter. A real pro. Fun to see you in action with your friends!

  8. They're all so adorable! Just want to scoop them all up and cover them with kisses. Especially the whir one with the black on his nose. Too precious!

  9. Hi Deb,
    So nice to meet you! I do my best to have caregivers come in and attend to my critters when I go away. It's so much less stressful for them to have their routine remain more or less unchanged. I wish you lived closer so you could look after my guys! I need someone in January.

    I love the photos you captured of your wards. So adorable and it looks like there are a few characters in amongst them, too.

    Thanks for the lovely note you left at my place. Stop by for a visit, any time.