Thursday, November 3, 2011

Playing with dishes & silver-ware

I did 2 posts today. One on kitties and one on my other 'passion'...dishes. It's raining and when it rains I like to organize dishes. I  love my silver-ware that was passed on to me by my mother.

I am keeping my eyes open in thrift stores to replace that one missing butter knife.

 I was raised on wonderful meals as she was a marvelous cook. On special occasions she would pull out the silver just to crank it up a notch. She was not a fancy-shmancy table-scaper but, oh my goodness,  her meals were delicious.

Mom knew I loved dishes and she had my name on this set of silver-ware since I was a young mother. I use it every occasion that I can and I'm happy today to show it off to you. Unfortunately, I cannot see a pattern name anywhere on the wooden box.

Off to cat-sit and make more 'quarters' to buy more dishes. :-)

hugs, Deb


  1. I love your looks a lot like the pattern I have that was my parents. Those quarter plates are amazing!

  2. ahhhh finally opened.
    Was going to say that I never tried brown sug on the toast..gotta do that in the morning.:))

  3. Oh that cookbook! Is that a thrift store find too? Your silver is gorgeous, and those dishes, what a find!

  4. love your moms the design..and love the other goodies you picked up..give those kittys a love for me..hope your cat sitting is enjoyable;) have a wonderful friday..and we want to see your new do.;)

  5. Aunty Deb,
    Aha...Sierra is indeed a girl who loves her bling bling.... I like to sleep on top of Mama's cupboard that holds her minute collection of Queen Anne silverware. What does that say about me, eh? purrr....meow!

  6. Your thrift shop is a real find! Our Goodwill (thrift shop) seems to think it a retail establishment. Sugar bowls, 3.99 and up with missing lids, cracks or even stickers from a local cut rate store showing that the item was 0.99 new.
    One of those replacement services for silver should be able to identify the pattern if you give then the brand, markings or e-mail them a photo. It would be wonderful to complete your set as it will only get harder as time goes on. And isn't it heaven to think that one day Riley may setting her table with your mum's silver.

  7. A girl can never have too many dishes! What great finds! WOWOWOW! Too much Fun! (Sierra ... bling is good!)

  8. Those bread plates are a wonderful find!
    I'm donating my mother's silverware (which I hate. It's not as pretty as yours, either) to our local SPCA for their auction in February.

    I wonder what that pattern is... someone somewhere knows!

  9. I will check out this pattern for your butter knife when I browse at antique markets in Toronto.
    And I love watching the kittens grow up and play and cuddle. I adopted my blue cats as adults and can only imagine them as kittens
    which look a lot like Audrey and Nigel!