Friday, November 11, 2011

Update on Ed

Nigel has settled well and quickly into his new home. His new owner, John, called today to tell me how his first day and night went and that he brought Nigel to work today so he wouldn't be alone at home. I think we have a good match here.I'm not surprised that Nigel took to him right away.

 Ed is improving each day but still drags his leg. Yesterday he could not hold himself up. We have been coaching him to walk with a sling around his middle. We noticed he was starting to move his leg as if he was walking on it. As soon as we let him go though,  he would slowly crumble to the floor. Today again we took him out to the yard and walked the perimeter, his body being held up in the middle with a sling. He did better this time. He has been resting beside the wood-stove on a blanket and he has had his meals there. Tonight, we had a break-through.
Without our help he stumbled across the living-room, into the kitchen and headed right for his favorite drinking hole...the dog bowl. He stood with the injured leg straight out to the side while he drank and then I carried him back to his resting spot.

He seemed pretty proud of himself. Lets hope tomorrow shows a lot more improvement. He is on an anti-inflammatory medication and is not showing any signs of being in pain. He eats every meal like it's the LAST SUPPER.


hugs, Deb


  1. I am so happy about Nigel!
    Continued purrs for the Old Man...I wonder if he torqued his knee? Felix (after his knee surgery) did the same stiff-legged thing.

  2. It does sound like Nigel has found the perfect home! I am so happy that Mr. Ed is doing better! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. I love that John takes Nigel to work with him He sounds like a good papa.
    Glad to hear Ed is getting better.Probably like us he is getting bored with this whole thing and just wants to get on with it.
    I am off today to help Holly pack and by Tuuesday will have my 2 grand kittys here ----- wish me luck =^..^=

  4. Wonderful news about Ed! Wonderful, wonderful! We are praying and praying hard for our little man. There's just something about his precious face that melts our hearts. Mad for Ed! Completely! Of course, you'll keep an eye on him that he doesn't over do. Needs rest and time to heal. All of our special love to you,Ed.
    Nigel's new dad sounds like a fine person. We wish then a happy life together.
    Syd! What a cutie pie! Hope we see more of him.
    Kisses to all the kitties.

  5. Thank you for the morning smiles with my tea!! These are wonderful photos. So glad that your baby is doing better and learning how to get around... before you know it he will be pouncing around and back to himself!

    Wishing you a brilliant wek-end! xo HHL

  6. Nigel sounds like it found the perfect home! I am so glad that Mr Ed is doing better! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Linda

  7. YEY!!!! You can't keep a good kitty down. I can just see the determination as he went to that bowl...bless his heart. Love the kitty photos too and sounds like Nigel will be wonderfully spoiled and loved just as he should. Wish I could stretch like Yoga kitty :D!!Weekend hugs,Sue and Rosie

  8. XO to Ed. Glad he is doing better!