Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New followers

These two 'new followers' find my blog amazing. 
Never a dull moment in this office.

This picture is of Ruby (Bree) and Audrey. At the close of another month, my thoughts go to the three little fosters and their mom who helped me get through the month while I worried and fretted over my travelling daughter. She is still travelling in Argentina and won't be home for 2 more weeks. When I took on the care of this little family I didn't realize at the time that they would help me even more than I them. They have been a blessing and such a wonderful experience for me. I have enjoyed every minute with them and love them all so much. The mom, Annie & little Audrey still wait for their forever home. I know it's out there and they are welcome to stay with me as long as it takes. That's a promise I made to Annie right at the start.

hugs, Deb 


  1. What a couple of cuties. YOur blog is amazing.

  2. Just look at the girls....they are precious !
    I so hope the mum and Audrey find a forever home soon, they deserve it.
    Such a cute picture :)

  3. Thanks for giving Annie and her kitts such a great home.

    I like that saying in the background, "If you can't be with the cat you love, love the cat you're with". And, as Mariodacat said, your blog is amazing indeed!

  4. You are a treasure! Wish I could do what you inspire us to enjoy the moments.
    Your daughter will home before you know it.
    Hug those kitties!

  5. What a kind thing you do by fostering these pretty little cats. Your daughter will be home before you know it.

  6. Audrey is so adorable - she has a nose like a wild cat.

  7. I don't know why the blog won't let me sign on as my Google id

  8. Aw they are the sweetest followers of all. So glad they have had such a good place to gorw until the forever home is found. hugs, Linda

  9. Thank goodness you finally said it! I was always sure having the little family to deflect some of the worry away from Allie's adventure was God's hand at work. They always say He works in strange ways but He also works in wondrous ways. Annie and her kits were His sanity saving gift. Bless their little hearts.
    We give praise and thanks.

  10. Oh my gosh. They blow me away with how cute they are every time I see a picture!

  11. You and those lovely felines are lucky to have each other.

  12. ...just dropping in again...
    I also stay up late at phone, no one knocking on the door. I love it. I need to get some decorating done...things are still high in the garage! G'night. :)