Thursday, May 31, 2012

Window dressing after coffee

Meet the newest thrift shop finds.
I love coffee and I love Baileys so what's not to love.

So, after coffee minus the Baileys this morning, it was off for a walk with Kane.
This little kitty watched us for quite awhile today.
Kane found the green grass very tasty in the field just across the street from her window. She seemed to find it all very entertaining.
I think she may be about the same age as Audrey (9 months) 

I couldn't resist a close-up.
We may have to come back again just to say hi. I think she liked the company.

At home, there seemed to be a loaf of bread rising on the cat perch.
and one more little one I saw on my walk today.
Once again, the old and the new. This cat was enjoying his golden years to the maximum. Oh, the stories he could tell.
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Riley time

Blue, lellow, pink, red, owange, white, green, brown, black & purple. She knows them all now.

and crayons should not be wrapped apparently. Serious business here.
It was our usual outing of breakfast out with Riley
(look how big she is getting) and she's a little chatter box.

Big hug for Gramps

and instead of the book store we headed over to the river to watch the ducks. We were not disappointed.

"One, two, tree, fur, fife, seex, seven."  Mommy and seven baby ducks. The mother was very proud of her brew and brought them closer for us to photograph. They are so cute.

It has cooled off a bit today and house painting and some gardening can be picked up where it had been left off. It was too hot to do anything ....except cat-sit, of course.

My weekend coming up is full of tuxedo cats and all regulars. Love that.

Back much for a 'made bed'.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cat in window

I am caring for three timid cats in a big, old mansion. They are not used to strangers in the home but I have managed to befriend William. This gentle soul is deaf in his left ear.
Katy is hiding and Becky stays in the window-sill  so I can't reach her and in her mind hopefully not even see her. Little does she know that she is providing me with a beautiful cat-in-window. I have not asked her to look at me for fear it puts the weebie-geebies in her but even from behind she is lovely.
Maybe tomorrow you will see her pretty face.
Speaking of a pretty face...
our Sierra spent this whole day bird-watching on the deck in the shade. She soon felt hunger pains in her belly and came in for dinner only to rest on the couch after. She's thinking she may do the same thing tomorrow.

hugs, Deb

cat tidbit and let's bake cookies

Tea in my new (old) teacup. It is tea for one but there is never a lack of company around here.

Royal Vale

I'm not a 'sweet' lover. I like salty & savory. When I make a cookie,  I don't like it to be really sweet so this recipe is one I make often. This cookie goes great with tea.

                       Applesauce Oatmeal Cookie
1 3/4 cups All purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 tsp. powdered cloves
1 cup applesauce (unsweetened)
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup seedless raisons (optional)
1/2 cup walnut pieces
1 cup rolled oats

Measure together first 5 ingredients. Mix together in another bowl the butter, sugar & egg. Cream together.
In another bowl, combine applesauce and soda. Blend into creamed mixture alternating with dry mixture. Fold in raisons (optional)  walnuts and oats. 
Spoon onto greased cookie sheet or use parchment paper. Bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees. They should be golden brown.
These are similar to a Hermit cookie. They are soft, moist and you can add whatever you want to them.

Cat tid-bit...
a white cat with green, brown or gold eyes will hear fine.
a white cat with 2 blue eyes will be stone deaf.
a white cat with 1 blue eye and 1 other colour will only be deaf on the side of the blue eye.

Oh that Lily...always in my jewelery box
She has 2 green eyes and hears just fine (when she wants to ;-).

I'm joining up with some parties today. for Tabletop Tuesday.

hugs, Deb

Monday, May 28, 2012

Finding beauty everywhere

The cat water bowls are often ignored in my home.

           and the vases must be filled with fresh water daily. 

but that's ok with me.
Our little Audrey always keeps me amused. She is 9 months old now and full of mischief. 

Our walks are prettier every day. While Kane enjoys the taste of fresh grass, I am stopped in my tracks by unexpected beauty

I have a great cookie recipe tomorrow for those who love a 'not so sweet'  cookie.

joining up with for Cats on Tuesday.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cats, cups & Kane

Our cats are fed 3x daily because they eat very little dry food. It is given only as a crunchy treat.

When dry food was left out, Annie gained too much weight very quickly after being spayed.
"I did?"
That had to change.
It is working well and they do not seem to be hungry throughout the day. Annie still needs to shed a bit. Crazy as it sounds because she was very underweight when she stopped nursing and now she is a pudge.

It has been a busy weekend and I have some new cats to show you soon. Gorgeous whites and you know how I love the whites.

I went thrifting again on Saturday and found this little piece of art.

I love dishes with scenery on them. I thought this cup was so pretty. You just know that any tea will taste great in this beauty.

This is bone china, made in England and it is called Royal Vale. I'll be keeping my eyes out for more of them.

I was looking through some old photos and wanted to share some of my favorites of my dog, Kane. Although he still sits next to me, life has changed a little for him.
This was taken 2 years ago.
He was a ball dog and would pester you to throw it constantly.
Here's another photo that brings back good memories. He never went anywhere without his beloved ball.

Now, at the age of 12 he doesn't play ball anymore. Between a leg injury and a bit of arthritis, running and jumping tires him out quickly. He still loves to grab a stick and carry it around, though. I miss the 'ball days' but I am happy that he had so much fun with one.
Now he just kicks back and enjoys the golden years.
Smart dog!

hugs, Deb


Saturday, May 26, 2012

The young and the old

Annie follows the sun throughout the day. If it puddles onto the dog's be it. She will endure the dog smell, close her eyes and sleep the hours away.

Audrey watches the squirrels run across the shed roof. So much fun!
Meanwhile, a friendship has grown over the last four years that cannot be explained.
They seek each other out for comfort, assurance & warmth. When they connect with each other, they are home.
A friendship that grows stronger each day. Ed & Lily still doing ok. It was 4 years ago that we adopted Ed from the Lanark Animal Shelter in Smiths Falls, Ontario. He had been brought into the shelter with 25cats all from the same house, all neglected. The family of the old woman who cared for these cats said that she had had the Siamese for at least 20 years. Things just got away on her and although she had good intentions in the beginning, saving numerous cats took all her money and then there was none to feed them and provide proper medication if needed. She gave up the cats and kept one. So, at the age of 20, an emaciated and confused Ed came home with me. So...he is now 24. Is he healthy & happy, you wonder? His  health was jeopardized last Fall when he fell and injured his back leg. He now walks with a sway and he needs his leg massaged periodically. He still does the stairs but looks like a drunken sailor coming down. He has been deaf since I brought him home and his eyes are now getting cloudy. He eats well, uses his box and loves to go out on the deck and sometimes walks the perimeter of the yard. We think he is still happy but we are realistic and know his days are numbered. He looks like an old cat now. We just enjoy him while we can.
Lily has a weak heart at the age of 17. Other than that, she's ok.

We are happy they have each other. We don't like to think about when one will be gone.

Here is another beautiful cat in window that I captured on my walk today.

Enjoy your evening

hugs, Deb

Friday, May 25, 2012

For little hands

My pansies are at their peak right now. I adore this colour.

I picked a few for a little one's display.
You know I have fun with this cupboard and today is no exception.
 I wanted to show you Riley's dishes that she 'serves tea' in when she visits us. Fairies & Princesses.

and today the kitchen cat was my beautiful Lily. She is doing just fine since her last vet appt. when I was told her heart would not last much longer. She perked right up and has no plans to go anywhere.

 hugs, Deb

Cat-tip & China

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=making kitty drink more

I was given a good tip from one of my followers at on how to get more liquid into your kitty.
Here's how she explained it to me...

     "My mom got a good tip from a catbehavorist on how to fool cats to drink moore !

      You mix tunawater with water and put it in a icecubebox and put in in the freezer with a note           that it´s for the cats !

      Your husband will not be happy if his Whiskey taste Tuna :)

      Give your cat 1 icecube a day in the bowl and voila you "fool" your cat to drink moore :) "

Audrey thanks you from the bottom of her heart, Kjelle bus.

and for you china lovers...

2 of my mother's tea-cups

Hand decorated
Hand painted

I wonder what the difference is?
Switch the saucers and they still look pretty.

I have lots of tea-pots. Here are a few.

and some for little hands

I have to do the cupboard up with Riley's dishes for you to see next.

To all my American friends, have a Happy Memorial weekend.

I'll be joining for Sweet Saturday.

hugs, Deb