Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Riley time

Blue, lellow, pink, red, owange, white, green, brown, black & purple. She knows them all now.

and crayons should not be wrapped apparently. Serious business here.
It was our usual outing of breakfast out with Riley
(look how big she is getting) and she's a little chatter box.

Big hug for Gramps

and instead of the book store we headed over to the river to watch the ducks. We were not disappointed.

"One, two, tree, fur, fife, seex, seven."  Mommy and seven baby ducks. The mother was very proud of her brew and brought them closer for us to photograph. They are so cute.

It has cooled off a bit today and house painting and some gardening can be picked up where it had been left off. It was too hot to do anything ....except cat-sit, of course.

My weekend coming up is full of tuxedo cats and all regulars. Love that.

Back much for a 'made bed'.

hugs, Deb


  1. All phots are awesome, but Riley is the winner! Lovely sweet girl.

  2. DEB! Baby ducks make my heart sing!
    Your grandaughter is simply beautiful and adorable. I so wish I had one, I am sure you know how lucky you are.

  3. This post scores ten out of ten for cuteness!
    Jane x

  4. Oh Riley is so cute and so smart! I love photos of her! Hugs, Linda

  5. Oh my goodness. As if it's not enough pleasure to see Audrey and Annie and all your wonderful cats and gorgeous dishes, this little one totally takes the cake for cuteness. What a doll! And look at that proud Gramps! Thanks for sharing so much cuteness!


  6. P.S. Love the pic of Annie on her back!


  7. Riley is a beautiful child and I just love that photo of her with Gramps! And the ducks are sweet. We've only got five!

  8. Annie, in bed, resting in her back.....squeeeee!