Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cats, cups & Kane

Our cats are fed 3x daily because they eat very little dry food. It is given only as a crunchy treat.

When dry food was left out, Annie gained too much weight very quickly after being spayed.
"I did?"
That had to change.
It is working well and they do not seem to be hungry throughout the day. Annie still needs to shed a bit. Crazy as it sounds because she was very underweight when she stopped nursing and now she is a pudge.

It has been a busy weekend and I have some new cats to show you soon. Gorgeous whites and you know how I love the whites.

I went thrifting again on Saturday and found this little piece of art.

I love dishes with scenery on them. I thought this cup was so pretty. You just know that any tea will taste great in this beauty.

This is bone china, made in England and it is called Royal Vale. I'll be keeping my eyes out for more of them.

I was looking through some old photos and wanted to share some of my favorites of my dog, Kane. Although he still sits next to me, life has changed a little for him.
This was taken 2 years ago.
He was a ball dog and would pester you to throw it constantly.
Here's another photo that brings back good memories. He never went anywhere without his beloved ball.

Now, at the age of 12 he doesn't play ball anymore. Between a leg injury and a bit of arthritis, running and jumping tires him out quickly. He still loves to grab a stick and carry it around, though. I miss the 'ball days' but I am happy that he had so much fun with one.
Now he just kicks back and enjoys the golden years.
Smart dog!

hugs, Deb



  1. Nothing compares to a dog's joy with his favorite toy! I had a black lab mix, Buddy, and his life's delight was "the stick". Kane looks so happy with his drooly-ball.
    Ed and Lily were beautiful in yesterday's post, the love was so strong.

  2. Kane is so gorgeous =)
    I have the exact tea cup with the cottage on it =)
    Minus the handle =( and saucer, though.
    I used to help a senior lady with her weekly tidy up and she
    gave me the cup....
    I had always thought I would try to plant a tiny flower in it-since it was missing the handle =)

  3. Awe....I look forward to seeing your white babies! I just love collies and your Kane is just beautiful. I think it comes from watching Lassie so much as a young girl. :)

    I love your little teacup & saucer, so pretty!
    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  4. Here we have the opposite problem = I´m eating to little.
    My "mom" say´s I most be the only cat that lose weight after I´ve got neutered :)
    Your latest cup sure is a piece of art !
    My "mom" too think´s that tea will taste great in it :)
    We too LOVE the picture on you and Kane !

  5. OMG!!! Kane is so cute! Have a great week!

  6. Our mom grew up with a collie when she was a young girl. She's always said if she got another woofie, it'd be a collie.

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. My dogs are slowing down too and it's hard to see. Kane is such a lovely dog. I'm glad he's still finding plenty of joy in life.

  8. Oh Deb: That saying "I Did" just totally fits the expression on Annie's face! The new cup find is very pretty and I just love little Kane. I know what you are going through. Ole Buddy is getting so gray in the face and arthritis in his hips and joints. Hate to see it but greatful, like you, that he has had the happiest of lives..Happy Tuesday..Judy