Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What made you smile today?

After applying duct tape to the side of my leather couch (are you picturing it? :-( ) to keep Audrey from shredding the livin' daylights out of it,  I decided to do a 'What made you smile today' post. Lord knows, I need it., what made me smile today?

A white picket fence bursting with blooms
My devoted friend, Kane

Beautiful weather for a hike with my buddy
this job I so love
the fact that it's 4 o'clock somewhere
and there's fresh cookies in the cookie jar
but most of all
...this face

Hope your day is going well. I'm off to find out what's up with Audacious Audrey & once again introduce her to the cat scratching areas.

"Audrey, where are you?"

hugs, Deb
Note: Thanks for all your comments on my previous post. If you are trying to introduce soft food to your die-hard dry food only cat remember to take 'baby steps'. Never expect a cat to just plow into a new food. It won't work. Continue with the dry and add 1 tsp of soft on top. Then less dry and more soft as the cat accepts it. Before you know it you should be placing mostly soft and just a few kibble on the bottom.
Good luck. It's worth it for your cat's good health. Water, water, water...just like your plants your cat needs it too.


  1. The second photo is awesome... so cute!

  2. Audrey looks so lazy and innocent."can't imagine her being naughty.
    Riley is so pretty!

    My dog and cat playing together made me smile..

  3. Hi Deb: Sweet, sweet Audrey!! What made me smile today was that Maggie and Buddy touched noses today, without one chasing and one running, for the first time ever. Hope it is a sign of the future!..I have to say, that Riley is the sweetest and cutest little thing I've ever seen. Love baby girls..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Me neither can imagine that Audrey could be naughty ??!!
    My mom got a good tip from a catbehavorist on how to fool cats to drink moore !
    You mix tunawater with water and put it in a icecubebox and put in in the freezer with a note that it´s for the cats !
    Your husband will not be happy if his Whiskey taste Tuna :)
    Give your cat 1 icecube a day in the bowl and voila you "fool" your cat to drink moore :)

  5. The two last pictures !!!...what a beautiful day

  6. Cute photo of Miss Riley! And naughty Audrey! Have you tried "Sticky Paws," Deb? It's super-wide super-sticky double sided tape. Keeps my Miss Isabella from shredding the couch! Hugs...Debbie

  7. Well, for sure your post has made me smile, Deb! :)
    Hope all is well with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. A walk with a friend made me smile today!