Thursday, May 10, 2012

Indoor-outdoor Calico

Remember this little sweetheart?
She (calico's always are) was my first 'cat in window' for you. I pass by her home everyday on our walk and have photographed her in her window many times.
Today, I see she is an indoor-outdoor cat as many cats are in our town.
If I would  have called her she would have come to say hi! but the dog was with me and he treats outside cats like squirrels (chase....). She is a sweetie, that's for sure.
                                      "Leave that dog at home, lady."
I have a busy weekend with cat-sitting and family celebrations. I'll have lots of pretty kitties to show you next week. First I have to pamper them silly.

hugs, Deb

1 comment:

  1. oh I love calicos.;) what a beauty this one is..have a wonderful rest of your week..looking forward to seeing the ones you pampered silly..have a wonderful mothers day too:)