Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage cat in window & "Get up"

Look how cute this is

My mornings start early now. 

                                                           "Mornin' Deb"
She disturbs everyone.

"Mornin' Mom"

"Why I oughta..."

"Getup, getup, getup...
The birds are up, the birds are up......
And the sun is shinin'

"Give me that dang camera." Mmmm..tasty!'
"Alright, we're up."
and the day begins
  Hope the sun is shining in your world.   (yawn)                                                                         
hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey is so bad =)
    I woke up this morning to see Winston's nose and eyes peeking above the bed-it's breakfast already +)

  2. I have a friendly wake up call each morning also! I love that last photo! Happy Day Deb! Hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Deb: Looks like morning is a busy time at your place. Maggie was in the window this morning and I grabbed my camera to see if I could get a shot for you but she jumped out before I could get it. From outside would have been perfect, but I wasn't dressed yet!! I'll keep trying..Happy Monday..Judy

  4. Hi Deb....what a great blog! I just popped in from Cozy Little House and am having fun going thru your blog. Looks like fun around your place. I have a CAT named Riley...:)...I named her that b/c I knew any cat at my place would lead "The Life of Riley"...and she does. I've also added myself as your newest follower. Hope you find time to pop in and visit me.

  5. oh I love those photos of your kittehs especially the last one..our little lucy goosey gets us up at 5:30am we have to shut the doors tight so they can't bug us..little stinkers;)

  6. Hi Deb, I love your blog. Your photos of the cats are so cute! I looked at some of your posts and you have such a wonderful family and a beautiful house. You are doing such an amazing job helping watch cats. I'm so inspired by what you are doing. We have Maggie, a white Lab (8years old), 2 zebra finches, a white golfin cockatiel (27 years with us) fish and frogs. We have always had many different animals in our house. Three children, what can I say, always wanting a pet. I can't wait to read Julia Child's book, I never knew she liked cats. Sorry I'm rambling so much I want to say. I'm a New Follower!


  7. One of us is up as soon as dawn breaks. They all start going mad then and the only option is to get up and open the hatch if we want to get a bit more shut eye. lol
    Thing is, they don't seem to want to go out once we open the hatch, I think they just like to be in control, they are probably all laughing once we get back into bed.

  8. "Mornin' Deb" is the funniest photo I have seen in a long time. I just keep chuckling. Your Audrey is a pistol. She has a very different look than any other the other cats you photograph. Makes you wonder what her dad was like. A loveable rogue, I'm sure.

  9. I think this is my most favorite post of all! You've so captured Audrey's essence. The big surprise was that I was sure the end would show everybody else up and awake, while Herself went back to bed for a snooze! That's usually how they do...

  10. Thought you might like to hear this person's "morning alarm.

  11. Love these pictures, Deb. Oh that Audrey, she is a c h a r a c t e r!! Mom Annie does not look best pleased. Have a good day and hope you can get enough sleep with that young one around.


  12. Where do you get all of these marvelous vintage photos? Do tell!
    I love the second Annie photo! Every mum in the world can identify with that look on her face.
    For lovers of cats in windows, finding your house must be like finding the Holy Grail. Two cats, side by side in the same window! Superb!

  13. Love the vintage photo. I too like to photograph. My daughter sold me her old camera and Im learning to use it. Wish me luck.

    Your kitties are so funny! Yes the sun is shinning here and its gonna be a great day!
    Thank you for the Prayers!

  14. I love the cat-alarm!!!!! =))))
    The first photo is awesome!