Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Feline Fanciers

I came across these photos on line.

I love the old black and white photos and especially those of women with their cats.This one on the porch made me think of my grandmother's house that had a porch similar.My grandmother rarely sat on her porch but in her kitchen you would always see her tabby cat, Maggie sitting in her apron.

This lovely lady makes me think of the Cat/Chicken Lady, Natalie from Knatolee's World.
If you drop over and visit you will see why.

and lastly, my mom at age 21 with one of her cats.
Hope you enjoyed 'vintage ladies and their cats'

hugs, Deb

Please drop by a very special blog called God's Little People to meet Joan and see all the wonderful work she does for homeless cats in Greece. Her blog is both heart-breaking and heart-warming. It is a fact of life that many cats do not have a warm, loving home and Joan tries her best to help the unfortunate ones in her area. You will not believe your eyes when you see what a little love and care can do for some of these beautiful cats. She is having an auction to help these felines. Please drop by.


  1. Fantastic photos. I've rarely seen vintage photos with kitties.
    Your friends blog is wonderful and you're right very heart warming.

  2. Wow, thanks for these amazing photos, Deb. It does seem unusual to see these women from another age with their cats.


  3. I loved these photos! How fun to see how each lady loved her cat's company in a different way! Thanks for the info about Joan...I've visited her before, guess it's time for another drop in! Hugs, Linda

  4. Oh those are wonderful! So neat to see the dresses and how cats just know whos lap to head for. Thanks for sharing them!
    I wish I lived down the street to come by and scoop up that darling batch of kittens...

  5. Deb, those are some AMAZING photos and that image of you mom is so sweet. No doubt where you've got the "bug" from (I'm the same!). Thank you ever so much for the mention Deb. I only just launched the auction - it took a while listing all the items, photographing and so on. Now I just hope there'll be some bids.
    Hugs from Joan

  6. I love those vintage photos with kitties! I've never seen any like those before although I've seen photos with dogs. Good to see the kitties represented!

  7. Those photos are mesmerizing! What a treat? I've never seen cats in photos like these! Did you collect them from all over the net or was there a special site? The woman in the fourth photo down, the lady in the printed dress with the white duster and the black cat on her shoulder? She looks surprisingly like me! Or rather how I imagine I might look with a few more years on me!