Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Silver , blue & white

When I was looking at some dishes the other day I came across this beautiful blue and white plate. 
For some reason, I don't remember if it was one of my mother's or if I bought it years back. I never collected any blue and white china and found it tucked away under other dishes. It is called Woodland and made in England. Lately, I've been admiring blue and white transfer-ware so it's time to show this off. My mother loved the color blue, me..not so much.
 But when I see this blue paired with white...I'm in love. My new (old)  tea-pot has feet. CUTE!!!!

Blue and silver look so pretty together. One compliments the other.
Here's that blue and white tea-cup I use every day now.
I love having my mom's silverware.

and now I love to pair it up with blue and white.
So, this is a little tribute to my mother who would smile to know that I finally saw what she saw in blue and white china.
Kane and I walked in the dreary, damp weather today but this little gal lifted my spirits sitting there with her unicorn friend.
I'll be joining up at a few parties.
hugs, Deb


  1. Well, blue and white is one of my fav color combos. I adore those dishes!

  2. I do love the blue and white and the white Ironstone just makes anything look great! Hugs, Linda

  3. Hello Deb
    Blue and white are a classic combination, quite lovely for your tea today.
    I hope there's something interesting for your cat to watch outside. At least it won't be barking away like our dog when someone walks by.

  4. You know I adore blue and white -- I love your blue and white -- and your mother's silver is precious!

  5. I'm with your mum, I love blue and white. Some brown and whites too. And I've just gotten a terrible passion for Johnson Bros " The Old Mill".
    The Ginger and white kitty is a beauty. But what kitty isn't?

  6. Awwww, kitty is so sweet there with her magical companion lol! too cute!

    And...your mother's dishes really are special! I too have never collected blue and white, but I gotta admit, they look stunning and especially with silver and white. Such a dear blessing you have your mother's china and silver. What sweet memory keepers.

  7. Blue and white china are some of my favorites! I really like you teapot! I have some that were made in Holland and I really love them! Thanks for sharing this sweet tablesetting!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  8. Hi Deb: Sweetheart in the window. When I saw your blue plate it rang a bell and then I figured it out that what I thought was the same plate hanging on my dining room wall. It's not the same at all but unless the two of them are side by side you would think they are. Evidently mine is a knock-off, I guess, it's by Nasco, called Blue River, but made in Japan. The edge of the plate is ruffled. Funny huh? Happy Wednesday..Judy

  9. Hi Deb,
    That is a cute kitty sitting in the window with her friend. There is something oh so charming and cozy about a furry friend sitting in the window. Makes the place look so inviting.
    I love your blue and whites and your mother's silver is beautiful! I have my mother's silver too and I cherish it! Loved your post and thanks for joining me for tea.


  10. Oh my, dear Deb!

    This is just all so heartwarming and very pretty! I adore blue and white, yet every detail from your pictures of teatime just 'speaks to me'. I especially enjoyed the sweet kitty in the window and the tiered server with the silver, blue and white and white dishware.

    Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    Do pop by for a cuppa in my little corner of Tuesday Teatime In Blogland', if you'd care to; I'd love to have you visit dear lady.

    Hugs, Wanda Lee