Monday, May 14, 2012

A fun weekend

This weekend was full for me. I had cat-sitting to do for all the Mother's Day travellers , animals at home to care for and two little visitors to add to the group. Ruby & Hugo stayed with me while my daughter, Jess & Mike were in Toronto for a few days.
Ruby & Audrey
It was interesting to watch the reunion between Annie, Audrey & Ruby. It went well but not without some hissing and snarls on Friday night.
The hissing was from Ruby, who had to find her place amongst this group of cats. Hugo felt right at home and just settled back into the office again.
 This was all old hat for him. He found a basket and never much moved his butt all weekend. I just sat back and observed. I love to study cat  behaviour.  By Saturday morning, Ruby had settled and was in full play mode with her sister, Audrey. So, other than a lot of feeding and cleaning up after cats (who else could do it with such pizzazz), I enjoyed being there for their reunion.

This is a little heavy with photos but they are just so darned cute together.

                                     Ruby..the chase was on.

Annie & Ruby

Mom & two girls on our staircase. (Annie, Audrey and Ruby)

I'll post some photos of my kitty-clients later. They were all regulars and it was great to see them again.

Sunday, Mother's Day brought all the kids home, including Jess and Mike. The retired-guy is in Waterloo visiting with his mom this weekend. She is 87 now and every Mother's Day is so special.

All I did was bake a cake and the kids took care of the rest.  
Our Brittany is celebrating her 2nd Mother's day and is expecting our grand-son this September. So today was both our day. After dinner, we had tea and cake. Riley hosted her own tea-party.  She's becoming quite the tea-server. Her dad is a good sport and drank many cups of tea (milk)  from Riley's stash of tea-things. "Pinkie up, dad." (well, sorta)  I may have to get her her own china cabinet. ;-)

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday with, or remembering, your mom.

hugs, Deb


  1. A house filled with kids, cats, and is good.

  2. Great pics of grand-cute and family and furry guests!

  3. I think you have THE best job,
    you also had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. I loved the family reunions...both of them!
    Jane x

  5. What a beautiful post! Riley is so cute, and you know I love all the cats.

  6. Great pictures, fun to see the furry grey family together. And what a wonderful family you have. Thanks for the great post.


  7. Seems like it was a happy mothers day all the way
    'round. Lovely Annie got a chance to spend the day with her kitties too. Too bad Nigel wasnt there.

    Of course your son was a good sport about Riley's tea: he's YOUR son! You've done good, Deb! Both families, human and kitty, healthy, strong and happy. The same wonderful qualities your mum and the other women of your family passed on to
    (Can't tell you how wonderful it is to see all the kitties together again.)

  8. What a lovely Mother's Day! Reunions with children and with kitties! Purrfect!