Thursday, May 3, 2012

Future tea-lover and a give-away

A magazine for me and a new book for Riley sits in the dining room on her chair. 
Is this not the sweetest children's book cover you have ever seen? Of course, I am talking to all you tea-lovers and dishaholics out there.  The illustrations from cover to cover are just so darn cute. 
I know Riley will love this. She has her own box of dishes here that have been selected from thrift stores and antique shops. A little box of heaven for her sitting right next to nan's china cabinet. She will be surprised to see new treasures in there.
She likes nan's cupboard that looks different every time she visits.
Of course, she's too little to play with it but there are some 'special things' just for her little hands

just below it. One being the little silver bell in the Duncan Phyfe cabinet below the cupboard. That is for her to carry around and ring-a-ding all she wants.
Sometimes she'll spot something that she can play with and then she's a happy girl.
Wooden kitties that came all the way from Greece are fun.

Since I'm in the dining-room...and not alone, once again


I think it's time for a give-away and this time it will be one of the group of tea-cups I bid on and won at an auction last month. I plan to have a few give-away's with these but for now it will be this one.
Queen Anne, Fine bone china - Made in England
It has a pretty gold, scalloped rim.

                        The tea-cup in the middle needs a new home.
It's very delicate with pastel colours.

Leave a comment if you like it and let me know if you have a cat that would like a little gift, too. I will add your name to the hat (or tea-cup) Draw will be this Sunday.

Good luck,


  1. That Riley is a doll! I love that she has her special chair at Nan's and he own little dishes to play with. I love the teacup and of course Charlie says add both our names to the drawing! Thanks! Hugs, Linda

  2. Hi Deb - I've been following your blog for quite some time now and feel you are a kindred spirit: we have 9 cats in our house, all but 1 are rescues, along with 4 ferals outside we have spayed, neutered, shots and microchipped. The ferals are getting more friendly, but still wary of sudden movement. I would love to enter myself in the teacup drawing along with my 9 insides - they all love surprises. I enjoy reading your blog entries daily and your granddaughter is a doll: I have 5 grandchildren myself.
    -Glenda Campbell

  3. Hi Deb: Little Riley is a charmer. How fun that she has her own things at Grandma's house. That is why I was hoping to have a granddaughter, but not to be. We just had different play toys for Jake. I would love to have a chance for that beautiful tea cup. I love it and Miss Maggie says she would be too shy to meet you but is so glad you are helping other kittys like her..Happy Friday..Judy

  4. Well you know I love my tea and drinking out of a pretty cup always makes it taste better ~ especially with a kitty at your side! So please count me in. ;)

    So pretty! That book for Riley is cute too. You are a good Nan.

    Happy Friday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  5. Little Riley is so cute! I love all you teacups. I found a new tea that I'm really enjoying, Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea. I think it's pretty easy to find. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Riley is so blessed to have her own box of dishes =)
    I want to read that fancy Nancy book now!
    love the rim of the pastel tea cup =)

  7. Riley is a lucky little girl and too cute! A girl is never too young for tea!!! I'd love to give your teacup and new home. The design is dainty and I bet the teacup feels wonderful in the hand. Cassie and Teddy would love a treat, too! :D :D

  8. Hi Deb, Riley is such a darling. And who wouldn't love to have that beautiful tea cup! My cat, Nicholas, would love a treat too. I have a hard time finding him a toy he will play with. Would you talk about litter boxes sometime. Do you have a favorite kind of litter? How do you manage with multiple cats? Problem with the males spraying everywhere? I use a box with top entry because Nick would spray through the crack of the other lidded boxes. Have a wonderful day; hope warmer weather is finding its way to you.


  9. Riley is SUCH a doll! It's wonderful you get to spend so much time with her.
    You know, I think I could use a pretty tea cup like that...

  10. oh dear, I forgot to mention how fetching Audrey looked in the photo =)

  11. Riley AND Audrey! Oh, how I would LOVE to be a guest at that table! A memory to cherish, to be sure.
    We' d love to be a part of the contest! Right now Oliver is battling eosinophilic granuloma to his upper lip, currently refractory to all modes of treatment. He could sure use a bit of cheer right now.

  12. My kitty & I would love to enter. I have just started to have a cup of hot green tea (decaf) every night before bed so this would be perfect. Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. Deb you are so generous to share one of those lovelies with your readers and as always...think of the kitties too!!! Wish you lived close enough to have tea with sometime!! Of course I would be admiring your hilarious and beautiful cat clan the whole time and all your dreamy dishes :)!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo amigo!! Sue,Rosie and TOPAZ!!

  14. I've been reading your blog for some time and really enjoy it, but this is my first time to comment. I live in Nevada with my Rottie/Lab dog and two kitties I would love to win your beautiful tea cup and Goldie or Caitlin, either one, would like a special treat

  15. How wonderful to share your table with Riley and Audrey!! Too cute... both of them.

    Velvet Stanley, our little white assassin cat, would love the chance to have a treat. ;) Thank you for this generous opportunity, Deb! blessings