Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the very feral & a few more vintage ladies

I've seen her every night for a week now but if I even move, she's gone like a shot. I say 'she' although I don't know what the cat is. It just has a pretty face from what I see on my camera. I zoomed in  as the cat was very far from my car. I have to leave the lot before 'she' will go to the food. I watched out my rear-view mirror as she slid under the truck to feast on her dinner. She..he, whatever, is beautiful. For the last few months there has been no sign of any ferals. I still leave food every night whether I see them or not. The next day it is gone.
For awhile, I thought I may be feeding the birds only as the crows will dine on cat food. But I'm no stranger to the 'very feral' and I expect I will never lay eyes on some of them. I'm happy the weather is good now as it was a harsh winter for the wild-life. All winter I provided them with kibble and if it wasn't below freezing I left them soft food and bread.  I have food donated sometimes and I appreciate that so much, as do the cats

Please drop by a wonderful blog called God's Little People and read how Joan followed her heart to help the homeless cats in Greece. It is a very touching story.

Here are a few more  Vintage women & their cats.
Kari..just google Vintage women and cats and enjoy.

In praise of the black cat, I suppose.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ferals just break my heart.
    Jane x

  2. Hi darling, I love all the vintage pictures. I recall seeing a few of these magazines at Grandma's when I was a child. We sure love our pets. hugs ~lynne~

  3. These are such fun ladies with their cats! You are such a wonderful person to feed the ferals, and I agree with Jane, they break my heart! Hugs, Linda