Thursday, March 30, 2017

Reprieve from Audrey & Fickle weather

Our snow is melting so fast now. Surely, this is the end of it.
There is more coming over-night.
10 - 15 cm.

Audrey has decided to make a fool out of me (what's new) and not touch the Easter tree (yet) so I have been enjoying it tucked into a corner of the mouse-house.

"I'm like a well-fed barn cat...I'll strike when there's no chance of missing."

Today I just happened to be in a shop that sold Easter decor.
If the tree is still standing tomorrow,
three more cuties will be added.
That's it now. 
It won't hold anymore.
And I'm really pushing my luck here.

Along with their usual seed
my birds got a treat today.
That's the last of the suet 'til next winter.
They're going to need it tomorrow. :(
Poor little confused things.

I sure am enjoying seeing all the posts from bloggers south of us.
Just seeing green grass and spring plants popping up keeps me hopeful for spring in our parts soon.
And I have to get my blue-bird house set up as they are heading our way soon.
But, I can't get through the ice. Wah!

"Come on, spring."

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A little more Easter around the mouse-house.

Easter is not complete, to me, without the traditional Easter tree. And it's so dismal and dark out today that I think I need one right now.

I know you are a laughing at the thought of a tree full of dangling objects residing in our wee little house.  =^..^= =^..^=

Annie has already spotted them but she's not my worry.

First off, let me just say, that if I get an hour of this Easter tree decorating the mouse-house I will appreciate that.  Right now, the audacious one is asleep so I am pretending that all my efforts are worth while. But, I do know better. Anyway, here's what my Easter tree looks like today.
I keep it simple and sweet.

"Do I smell an Easter tree?"

OK, ok ...I'll get the box. 

I have someone very special to acknowledge today on his 6th birthday.
"Happy Birthday, grand-dog Forrest."
"There's a big 'ol box of treats (not chocolates)
waiting for you at the mouse-house."
"Have fun today."

hugs, Deb

Monday, March 27, 2017


There is nothing that makes this gal happier than a long nap in  her beat-up vintage Wilson's Tomatoes box in a sun-puddle.

How sweet it is.

"Hmph...sleep would be even sweeter."

And how sweet is this. 
JT on Austin City Limits last weekend. For One Whole Hour. :)
That was a surprise.

with Shawn Colvin

I've seen him live three times.
I'm his #1 Fan

"She's mine, too."


hugs, Deb

Sunday, March 26, 2017

My company, Red.

Yesterday morning...

I'll spare you listening to me whining about the dumping of snow we had that never stopped for two days.
I don't even care anymore because I can smell the two 
apple cakes
that are baking in the oven right now.
I make two...
one for us and one to give away.
Now if only you all lived closer.

We spent much of yesterday at a maple sugar shack filling our faces with home-made pancakes and pure liquid gold syrup.  And fresh-brewed coffee.

 We took our grandittle along.

And Pearl, the lamb, came, too.
                                                         Checking out the chickadees
We had a fun time just being together.

I want to plan our garden, pot some seeds and do some out-door spring cleaning. But that will have to wait.

Instead it is a good day to stock up on wood pellets and bird seed and maybe eat cake.

I filled the feeders again as there has been no sight of Mr. Hawk for awhile. I also gave them this concoction of apple cores from my baking, crackers and nuts. Red appeared out of nowhere and chatted with me while I dished it out.

 I think I was being scolded for being too slow. 
I just love this little guy. 

And look at those teeny paws...awwwww

Don'tcha just want to pet him?

I wish I could hug him. 
Wouldn't you want to hold this darling critter?
ok - I'll stop. 

Cabin-fever is an unwelcomed side-effect to early spring in Ontario. And impatience.
But, since the sun came out, I'm heading out for an hour walk.

Maybe I'll see how the wild turkey's are getting along as they make their way to local bird feeders and gorge like some of my  distant relatives might at an all-you-can-eat buffet. They're pretty funny to watch. The turkeys, that is.

Enjoy your evening.
Good News Update on Sylvester (the lonely cat from my previous post)...I contacted the rescue today to see how he is doing. He has had his wounds attended to and has been neutered. He is being well taken care of at Country Cat Rescue while he recovers. The ladies there say he is a sweet fellow and just needs time to learn to trust again. They will give him lots of love there while he waits for his forever, loving home.

hugs, Deb

Friday, March 24, 2017

Bits and bobs and a cat in need.

This went on the mouse-house today.
Perhaps it will make our snow melt faster.
Although, it is snowing again this morning.

Annie washing up

"Did you know it's snowing, Annie?"

That's how I feel, too.

This winter weather is just not ending for us.
(Bird-watcher extraordinaire)

This story broke my heart...

but I love happy endings so I hope someone wonderful will adopt him and give him a forever, loving home. He is so deserving.
For now he is safe with Country Cat rescue.

If you are in Ontario, please pass this cat's story on to anyone who may be ready to add a beautiful member to their family.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Poor Audrey and welcoming back spring critters.

While I was reading emails, this emerged from her vintage, beat-up, Wilson Tomatoes box.

                            "You're typing too loud."

Oh, sorry love. 
She's been trying to rest up after such a harried weekend with grand-dog Forrest here.

Grabbing her bull-winkle moose and tearing the squeaker out of it was all just too much.
She's devastated.


And apparently he smells...
like dog.

She just needs a few days....

Well, spring has sprung

and there's lots of mud
mixed in with piles and piles of snow.
We'll be awhile before the grass peaks through
and the buds pop out.
So, for now, we'll enjoy the spring birds
and the warmer sun-shine.

The turkeys are back at the feeders.
They have been deeper in the bush most of the winter.
They will be a common sight now and will keep the ground around the feeders cleaned up.
I'd like to see the hawk try to mess with one of them.
They stand about two and a half feet high.
I have been known to 'run like a girl' when one stares at me.

Glad to have the robins back, too.

And the deer
I was over to visit our neighbour, Lucy, and pick up our week's worth of fresh eggs today. 
This time I brought a treat for 'the ladies' to thank them for all their hard work. 
Bless their little chicken hearts.
Lucy will cut this all up for them for dinner.

I took the opportunity to ask her about the tracks at the back along our stone wall. 
She tells me these are deer tracks.
She watched a deer walk past her house and through our property just yesterday.

I'm always finding tracks that I'm not sure of.
Another mystery solved.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Around the mouse-house today.

A special gift arrived in the mail last week.

Beautiful hand-made greeting cards from the lovely Jeanie at
Aren't they pretty.

"Thank you, Jeanie. It's always so nice to get 'fun mail'."
 I love Jeanie's blog so much.
I hope you drop over and meet her and her lovely Lizzie. You'll be glad you did. 

I was watching over the little birds again today.
The dastardly hawk returned this morning; watching from high atop a maple tree.
I tucked the new platform feeder under a pile of branches so it was hidden and took down other feeders.
The ground feeding birds are at most risk such as the mourning doves and juncos. Even the blue-jays clean up seed off the snow.
They have no protection on the ground. 
The hawk was disturbed by our movement in the window and left.
The birds disappeared quickly and  hid for a few hours.

I'm really getting annoyed with this hawk.

I hate to have to stop feeding for awhile but I may have to.
And for how long?
I don't know.

The sun was so warm today.
And the snow from the last storm is melting fast.
But it could melt faster. :-b
Tomorrow is the first day of spring.

"What the......."

Audrey has a hard time figuring out my style of decorating. It's all useless junk to her. And it doesn't even taste good. Believe me, she tried. "Blah....."

Now this is a treat.

Served up with piping hot coffee at tea-time.

Enjoy the last day of winter, everyone, and maybe indulge just a little.

hugs, Deb