Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A little more Easter around the mouse-house.

Easter is not complete, to me, without the traditional Easter tree. And it's so dismal and dark out today that I think I need one right now.

I know you are a laughing at the thought of a tree full of dangling objects residing in our wee little house.  =^..^= =^..^=

Annie has already spotted them but she's not my worry.

First off, let me just say, that if I get an hour of this Easter tree decorating the mouse-house I will appreciate that.  Right now, the audacious one is asleep so I am pretending that all my efforts are worth while. But, I do know better. Anyway, here's what my Easter tree looks like today.
I keep it simple and sweet.

"Do I smell an Easter tree?"

OK, ok ...I'll get the box. 

I have someone very special to acknowledge today on his 6th birthday.
"Happy Birthday, grand-dog Forrest."
"There's a big 'ol box of treats (not chocolates)
waiting for you at the mouse-house."
"Have fun today."

hugs, Deb


  1. It's a delightful Easter tree! Happy B'day, Forrest!

  2. In all honesty, I think I prefer the easter tree to the christmas one, its just simple and pretty.

  3. Bunny trees are so much fun and so very appreciated as we are all so tired of old man winter.
    Forrest, you're such a dear dog. Happy Birthday, love.

  4. Very pretty!

    Happy Birthday to Forrest!

  5. Happy Birthday Forrest ! Lovely Easter decor , Audrey you leave mama's Easter tree alone lol ! Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. I stole your idea a few years it stays up, with Seasonal adornments!
    Thanks for the your tree!
    Linda :o)

  7. I like the Easter tree --so pretty.
    Happy B-day,Forrest!

  8. Maybe it will last a day or two :) Although that Audrey does look like she could get into trouble very fast. She looks just like one of mine named Elfie.

  9. An Easter tree--or anything with dangling baubles--would be an invitation to feline mayhem. The need to investigate and 'poke' at decorative objects seems to be strong in our tribe of cats.

  10. Sturdy and unbreakable ornaments were used in the decoration of the tree, I suspect...

  11. Such a sweet Easter tree. I think you should take a photo tomorrow! Hugs!

  12. Oh, and happy birthday to Forrest. May this one be just the beginning of a long and healthy life.

  13. I think it looks FABULOUS and I hope it stays up and around a long time. All season. Maybe she won't notice it. Visualize!

  14. The mouse house is looking so springlike! Sweet tree!
    Audrey! Such a hilarious grump!

  15. I LOVE your Easter tree! Seems to me, every thing you put together is pretty and sweet. Then of course Audrey has to say something funny to make me laugh. She is a trip! Happy Birthday handsome Forrest!

  16. Pretty! I hope you got to enjoy it longer than you were expecting. haha.

  17. Your beautiful Easter tree gave me a smile today. I hope that box of treats for Forrest does not go missing (Audrey!) Like you with the Easter tree, I know I would only be tempting the fur girls into naughtiness, so I decorate my desk at work :)

  18. That Easter tree really made me smile.... and I adore your cats.