Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Looking back...

A few posts back I wrote about my grandmother's cat, Maggie, and how I had named one of my own cats after her.
I found these pics of her in a box I was going through and thought I'd share.
This is what she looked like the day I brought her home in 1992.
Twelve weeks old and full of mischief.
She always looked surprised.

Her and I at Christmas when she was five years old. 
This photo brought back such precious memories of her. She loved to be held while you danced around the room. She would hold on tight, close her eyes and purr. lol 
She was such a darling cat and lived 'til age eighteen.

Snow, snow and more snow...
Here's Audrey after I fill the bird feeders.
She is always waiting for the Pileated Woodpecker to return.
We had one of those large birds visit a year or so back and she almost 'had a bird' when it flew in and landed outside the window. They stand about 2 ft. tall.

These birds spend their time in dead trees and there are plenty of those right across the road from us.

We are snowed in this morning.
And, it's still snowing.
I need a second cup of coffee.

Stay warm.


  1. Well..of course WE ALL love pussy~cats...!
    But kittens..are well..well..(fill in your
    own remarks)..HeHe! What word shall we use..
    I think the best one is....Ah! :).

    And Audrey!x I think a 2ft bird is a bit to
    big for you to handle! By the way Audrey!x
    What do you call a woodpecker with no beak..?
    A..A..A..Headbanger...!!! :0).

  2. Audrey is so full of vinegar (in a good way!) She's smart to anticipate the visits of the big wood peckers! Yes, another cup of coffee is a great idea with all that snow! Yikes!
    Maggie was beautiful! How cute that she liked to dance. We play a game with Timothy (we call it Whack a Mole). We walk around the loop on our main floor and he hides in the wing chair. He hops up wild-eyed when we walk by and swipes at us! It's so funny! Stay cozy!

  3. I like to look back on photos of my Bailey (lived until almost 17), and of course, the newest additions who happened in our yard one day! Yikes, some days I can't believe I have 4 cats, but then I go to Natalie's blog and take a deep breath:-D

  4. Great shots of the Pileated WOodpecker.
    I have never seen one in real life...
    Our snow has stopped...finally...but still dark and windy...
    Great to be home! hahaha!!
    Linda :o)

  5. awwwww, she was a sweetie.

    We call those big woodpeckers, Indian Hen's around here in Mississippi. They sound like they are knocking a tree down.

  6. Wonderful photos . What a pretty kitty Maggie was yes Audrey your pretty to . We dont get the Pileated Woodpeckers at our feeders as they dont seem to come out of the valley forest at all , I hear them but never see them your lucky to have them at your feeders they are pretty looking birds and big to . Sunny here now but cold and still very windy , Come on Spring . Thanks for sharing have a good day and stay cozy it will all be over soon (smile)

  7. Maggie was floofalicious! We have a few dead or dying trees in the neighborhood, and I hear the woodpeckers rat-a-tat-tating in the morning but I cannot see the bird...yet.

  8. oh wee Maggie is SO adorable, what a treasure & happy memories. In our neighbourhood people are cursing the Pileated Woodpeckers, which are making huge holes so as to kill the tree. I think they are gorgeous! We did not get the brunt of the snow, but still enough to make driving miserable. Hoping you enjoy that second cup.

  9. That is such an adorable little kitty and I love the picture of you and her. Never in a million years would I have missed two of your posts! Have I been in a coma??? Anyway, glad to catch up. You have such a handsome son and that sweet baby looks just like his dad. and talking about Audrey's morning routine, well our Bickett and Dumperoo run through the house and play or fight, hard to tell which, in the early morning hours before daylight. Smokey, like Audrey, want food and meows as loud as he can. I've been meaning to ask, in a post, if I am the only one with cats that throw up. That is another sound we hear in the middle of the night. :)

  10. Your Maggie kitty is a doll. What a sweet cuddle bug  ♥
    I can just imagine how Audrey likes those woodpeckers!
    If you are getting more snow you better have another cup of coffee. Stay cozy.

  11. What a lot of fur Maggie had as a kitten. I love the random memories that come to me about my cats, especially the ones that are gone. They are like hidden treasures forgotten, then re-discovered.

  12. Oh, sweet Maggie is adorable! What a wonderful face! And your bird shots, as always, are terrific!

  13. I didn't know those woodpeckers were that big! I've never seen one in person before! How fun! I just have those little Hairy ones!

  14. Oh Maggie was so beautiful! She must have felt heavenly to the touch with that luxurious , elegant fur. And what an exquisite face! We'll certainly enjoy seeing more photos of her, yes we will!

  15. Maggie was such a pretty girl!!! Love all the beautiful pictures of her!!

  16. Maggie was a wonder! Such an amazing little "surprised" face. Thank you for sharing her photos with us. I loved seeing both of them. The two of you looked so happy together. I am glad she was there for 18 years.

    Take care, Deb. I don't post comments much now but always read your posts and enjoy them so much.

    Happy Spring to you and may it come soon... be gone snow!

  17. Our Woodpeckers are tiny in comparison, their tap-tap-tapping sound still carries a long way though! Beautiful photographs and lovely memories of your pretty little fluffball. They live on in our hearts.