Sunday, March 26, 2017

My company, Red.

Yesterday morning...

I'll spare you listening to me whining about the dumping of snow we had that never stopped for two days.
I don't even care anymore because I can smell the two 
apple cakes
that are baking in the oven right now.
I make two...
one for us and one to give away.
Now if only you all lived closer.

We spent much of yesterday at a maple sugar shack filling our faces with home-made pancakes and pure liquid gold syrup.  And fresh-brewed coffee.

 We took our grandittle along.

And Pearl, the lamb, came, too.
                                                         Checking out the chickadees
We had a fun time just being together.

I want to plan our garden, pot some seeds and do some out-door spring cleaning. But that will have to wait.

Instead it is a good day to stock up on wood pellets and bird seed and maybe eat cake.

I filled the feeders again as there has been no sight of Mr. Hawk for awhile. I also gave them this concoction of apple cores from my baking, crackers and nuts. Red appeared out of nowhere and chatted with me while I dished it out.

 I think I was being scolded for being too slow. 
I just love this little guy. 

And look at those teeny paws...awwwww

Don'tcha just want to pet him?

I wish I could hug him. 
Wouldn't you want to hold this darling critter?
ok - I'll stop. 

Cabin-fever is an unwelcomed side-effect to early spring in Ontario. And impatience.
But, since the sun came out, I'm heading out for an hour walk.

Maybe I'll see how the wild turkey's are getting along as they make their way to local bird feeders and gorge like some of my  distant relatives might at an all-you-can-eat buffet. They're pretty funny to watch. The turkeys, that is.

Enjoy your evening.
Good News Update on Sylvester (the lonely cat from my previous post)...I contacted the rescue today to see how he is doing. He has had his wounds attended to and has been neutered. He is being well taken care of at Country Cat Rescue while he recovers. The ladies there say he is a sweet fellow and just needs time to learn to trust again. They will give him lots of love there while he waits for his forever, loving home.

hugs, Deb


  1. I am glad Sylvester is doing well. He is a cute kitty. Your grandlittle is adorable too.

  2. That snow is beautiful! Just like a postcard!
    Wish I could smell that apple cake! Great idea! Yum.

  3. Oh my! I will not complain about a rainy weekend! I will be baking too -- probably another batch of soda bread. I feel for you with the snow. I'm so ready to get outside. But your cake sounds amazing and your photos of Red are fabulous. Great details. Very good news on Sylvester!

    Hang in there. It will melt...

  4. We have also been getting snow, then it melts and more snow comes.
    This weekend is sunny so the snow is melting again.It is cool outside.
    I have seen a raccoon out and a groundhog.
    The ducks are even coming for the seeds.
    Early in the morning I can hear birds chirping!
    That is a sure sign that Spring is here :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  5. I was easily distracted from the snow by the smell of those apple cakes. Then I forgot all about apple cake when I saw Red, and your fabulous photographs of him. So very glad to know that darling Sylvester is being well cared for, poor lad.

  6. Red is good company. And that's good news for Sylvester.

  7. I cant believe the snow you still have up there WOW ! Hope no more for you and spring finally arrives . We are green down here and mild just rain for us I think snow is done for us for the season but one never knows. Lovely photos , Yes your Red is a cutie as is your grand little my word how fast they grow .Oh I can smell the apple cake from your description YUMMY ! Glad to hear Sylvester is doing well . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening .

  8. Keeping Sylvester in our prayers. And the ladies who care for him too.

  9. Hi Deb, Have taken your advice and ordered a FURminator, hope it does the trick.
    You've made me want to make an apple cake now, lol, I have some apples in the kitchen.

  10. You're experiencing a real Canadian winter, and in the country, too. It's not much fun living through, but it'll be wonderful to remember. And yes, Red is adorable. (Good news on Sylvester, too!)

  11. Something about the fluffy squirrel tail that makes me want to pet them too!

  12. I see RED is spending more time at your place...😃
    Hi she is getting big!
    enjoy your day Deb...
    Linda :o)