Monday, March 6, 2017

Red alert

Audrey was up on her new shelf seconds after the dog left today. It was a little surprise for her as they spent the morning in the bedroom while Forrest joined us in the mouse-house. Audrey doesn't like Forrest and takes offence to his 100 lb. body lying on her stuff. She hisses at him which gets him too excited for my liking. Better safe than sorry.

                        "He is the bane of my existence."

A few close-ups of my Easter cabinet decor

For the diddles.

*red alert*
A cardinal came by for slim-pickings early this morning.

As bad as I felt, I intentionally left the feeders empty after seeing one of these in my maple tree just after sun-rise.
A Cooper's Hawk

He started out hidden in the tree and then eventually landed on the top of a feeder.

Gah! I'm just going to say it.
I hate them with a passion.
When they come around my feeders I go into protective mode
and panic for my birds.

I know others who will watch and be entertained by them. They say it's fascinating to witness a bird that has come to their feeder for food be taken off by one of these predators.
kinda sick...don't you think?
To me, it's a nightmare because I really care about each and every little bird that tries to grab a meal on a cold winter's day here.

And yes, the hawk must eat but "not on my watch, buddy."

So, it was late in the day before I filled the feeders again.
I had not seen the hawk for hours.
Within seconds the birds arrived fussing over their spot.

I will be looking UP tomorrow again
before laying out the morning banquet.

"Go Away, Hawk. You do Not interest me in the least."
This drive-thru is closed.

hugs, Deb


  1. I do not know of another cat like Audrey who has so many expressions, some really sinister looking. lol

  2. Audrey is a cutie. Your Easter decorations are beautiful.

  3. Deb thanks for sharing that link. Like you I get very upset if something threatens my little bird friends or chipmunks. We keep the feeders close to evergreen shrubs/trees. I will chase away the crows & thankfully our red hawk seems to have moved on. Audrey, oh you poor dear, Forrest is gone now, enjoy your new perch.

  4. Nice decorations for Easter. I have to get my one and only Easter basket out with its colorful eggs. I hope you don't see the hawk again. You are a kind protector of the little birds. Hugs, LJ

  5. Hawks, well not on my watch either!! I looked out and my feeder is low so I'll add seed today. Oh Audrey! I do love that face.

  6. Audrey has been well trained if she realizes the difference between 'her' shelf and the one above with plants. In this house it seems there are no places safe from feline exploration.
    I find the subject of predators and prey endlessly sad--can't watch those National Geographic films where-in I become attached to the welfare of a cheetah and her kits only to be watching her take down a tiny deer.

  7. Hopefully the hawk goes for a meal somewhere else.

  8. Love all your beautiful decorations for Easter!!! Audrey just looks so pretty in all of her pictures:)

  9. We have a red-tail hawk who's such a nuisance - but when the crows catch him around they provide a screeching escort, even dive-bombing him, and he soon leaves - for a while!

    Audrey must be very fond of 'her stuff' - she is so funny!

    See your bunnies are settling in. Working on mine today. Yesterday they hopped down from the attic to the dining room table and are waiting there surrounded by my egg collection. They're all long ears and bobbed tails!!!!
    I love your Mrs Rabbit holding the carrot - is that an egg cup Deb?

    Happy day - hope it's warming up. Lovely here, and this week will be back in the 70's following the cool weekend!

    Mary x

  10. I wouldn't like to see my birds hurt either. It's great that you are looking out for them.
    Audrey, I don't blame you for being upset about the woofie. I guess being diplomatic isn't in your nature =)

  11. I'm with you...stay away, hawk! Leave my friends alone!

  12. What you need is an air ammo....just cock the gun and fire. The noise will send the hawk to the next county!!! We have a sharp-shin who lives in our trees. If I see him out there, I run him off so that the little birds can eat in peace. Hubby has also built 8" tall wire covers for the feeders with 2 1/2" openings between cross wires. The little guys can get in to eat and don't have to worry.
    We have planted ligustrum all around the feeders and the water pans. It is evergreen with sort of fat leaves. The birds have plenty of places to hide.
    Love your Easter cabinet...especially the sign!!

  13. I like the predators as well as the prey; it's all part of nature. But I agree with you that the predators can hunt somewhere I can't see them do it. They won't starve if they don't get one of your birds.

  14. I just love the way most cats just cannot resist exploring and investigating, but I particularly like the way they can wither you with one look - Audrey has that look in buckets!

  15. Ack! Hawk! I threw away the 5 dollar plastic owl I bought to scare the bunnies. I do not want to scare the birds. I threw away a flamingo, too.
    Audrey! Tim pouts if the grands take too much of my attention.
    Aw! I love the Easter pretties.

  16. I'm the same as you, there's no way I'd be ok with a hawk taking any of my birds! I know it happens, I'm not naïve, but I'd rather it happen out of my eyesight, somewhere way off in the woods where I won't see or hear it!

  17. My parents fed the birds during their retirement years. Like you, they had a wonderful assortment of birds visit their feeders. My father used firecrackers to scare away hawks.

  18. Me toooo! I do not like hawks, even if they are beautiful. I remember going out with a broom and hollering at one, back when we could feed the birds!!!!!!!! LOL

    I say, "back when"... Because the only spot for a feeder, was over the back patio and on the lawn. And our upper NE of US weather, brought too much snow/ice. It got so, we were really afraid to traverse the path, to get to feeder.

    Still, when I see the birds in winter, I wish I could feed them. But a broken leg/hip, would not be of help to them, or to us. :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  19. I read you blog and then looked up Cooper's Hawk on the Cornell University site. It said they are one of natures most skillful fliers and, as well as birds, they eat chipmunks! Dear God in heaven, not our Simon!
    I wonder what would chase it away but not bother the other birds and, of course, Simon.

    1. Kari- don't think I didn't think of that. I always worry about Simon with hawks in the area. I also worry about David catching him. I put the adirondack chairs over his feeding spot last summer in hopes a hawk could not get him as he eats. It gives him cover.

  20. We have Cooper hawks in the woods, they usually hunt the mice and small rabbits, but I've seen them harass the birds at the feeders :(
    Audrey makes me smile, she is a diva !

  21. diane in northern wisMarch 6, 2017 at 8:40 PM

    I totally agree with you regarding the hawks. They can go find their dinner somewhere else. Every time I would see one in my backyard, I would go outside yelling and clapping my hands and scare it off.

  22. I'm sorry but that first picture of Audrey made me laugh out loud, and thinking about big Forrest lying on her things. She is a mess!

    Oh, and the hawk! I feel the same as you! We have more red tail hawks here. I was working in the yard one time when a hawk swooped down and grabbed a cardinal, then flew threw the trees with the bird screaming...I'm telling you, it took some time for me to recover from that. I actually ran after the hawk, thinking he might drop the cardinal, but they were out of sight in a flash. There was absolutely nothing I could do. It happens so fast.

    Your bunnies are adorable, and the teeny tiny cabinet.

  23. Like your Easter decor . . .
    Like the cardinal at the feeder . .
    Like your "greys" . . .
    I can tell you like them too . . .
    Cooper Hawk . . . send them away . . .
    We had one crash through our front windows a few years ago.
    Too clean maybe . . . tee hee . . .
    Found the Hawk on the ground a few days later . . .

  24. The hawks freak me out for the same reason, Deb. So beautiful and so devastating to the smaller birds.

    Glad Audrey has her space back! And love the Easter!

  25. My Clara would do the same thing...she doesn't like Rosie laying on her bed, even though it was Rosie's bed before hers! Very much the Alpha female.

  26. oh Debs please protect those beautiful birds. I also feed the wild birds in my garden and also had a problem with a Hawk. It traumatised me one day when I witness it attacking one of my birds. Thankfully my Husband is now retired and constantly watches over the bird feeders to protect them
    Alana x

  27. Oh, Deb, I love the cat tales here! Or is it cat TAILS? I am horrified at the thought of a hawk taking off a sweet songbird, but I am much impressed by the speed and agility of the hawk! I agree with your rules, though, about the drive-thru being closed. Go elsewhere buddy!