Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Poor Audrey and welcoming back spring critters.

While I was reading emails, this emerged from her vintage, beat-up, Wilson Tomatoes box.

                            "You're typing too loud."

Oh, sorry love. 
She's been trying to rest up after such a harried weekend with grand-dog Forrest here.

Grabbing her bull-winkle moose and tearing the squeaker out of it was all just too much.
She's devastated.


And apparently he smells...
like dog.

She just needs a few days....

Well, spring has sprung

and there's lots of mud
mixed in with piles and piles of snow.
We'll be awhile before the grass peaks through
and the buds pop out.
So, for now, we'll enjoy the spring birds
and the warmer sun-shine.

The turkeys are back at the feeders.
They have been deeper in the bush most of the winter.
They will be a common sight now and will keep the ground around the feeders cleaned up.
I'd like to see the hawk try to mess with one of them.
They stand about two and a half feet high.
I have been known to 'run like a girl' when one stares at me.

Glad to have the robins back, too.

And the deer
I was over to visit our neighbour, Lucy, and pick up our week's worth of fresh eggs today. 
This time I brought a treat for 'the ladies' to thank them for all their hard work. 
Bless their little chicken hearts.
Lucy will cut this all up for them for dinner.

I took the opportunity to ask her about the tracks at the back along our stone wall. 
She tells me these are deer tracks.
She watched a deer walk past her house and through our property just yesterday.

I'm always finding tracks that I'm not sure of.
Another mystery solved.

hugs, Deb


  1. Poor Audrey.
    We understand the upset strange visitors have on a kitty.
    We would most likely complain too ;)
    Spring is here and we also have mud and snow and visitors.
    A deer has been around and mum saw a groundhog in the yard.
    We kitties are just waiting for the sun to warm up our enclosed porch so we can sit on iy and enjoy some heat:)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Forrest looks so innocent! Audrey, meanwhile, looks like Emperor Palpatine with that towel on her head!

  3. Poor Audrey! Annie has taken to the closet this evening as we are having storms and hail. She does not like it at all. Hugs!

  4. You could publish a book of Audrey photos, entitled: The Moods Of Audrey...and you'd sell a million copies!

  5. That first photo is the best yet. haha.

  6. Poor Audrey. Life is just so unfair :) Those turkeys do look formidable, but such a thrill to see them, I'm sure!

  7. Oh! Poor You Audrey!x
    It's no'll just have to have
    a wander round the Mouse~House, and get
    up to some mischief, knock a few things
    off the table or'll make you
    feel so much better! :0). Bless!

    Only two turkeys...someones had good
    Christmas...Few more than that last year!
    I've said it before..."Hate turkeys" HeHe!
    Not to eat though!
    "Anyone for a drumstick". :).

  8. I agree 100% with Eastside Cats above!! ha ha LOL you truly could! Audrey surely is AN EXPRESSIVE CAT!!

  9. Not sure how our lot would behave if a dog came in, probably all hide until it had gone.
    How on earth do you cope with the snow day after day, we moan here if we have it for just a few days.

  10. i lvoed this post. it took me back to our Maine days...just what our backyard looked like with turkey, deer, birds and even a Moose! Mae sympathizes with Audrey!

  11. Oh poor dear sweet adorable Audrey. How dare Forrest take your toys & break. Naughty dog! (but oh such a sweet face (I did not say that Audrey)). We don't have wild turkeys in our yard but I see them a few fields over & very cool birds & I was in amazement when I saw one fly into the trees! Lucky you with deer (although they can be naughty to a garden).

  12. Oh Audrey, dogs can be so trying. But Forrest looks a really nice guy. Perhaps his yoomen will bring you a new toy next time.

  13. Life's tough for Audrey when she has to share the pampering with a dog... I'm sure she'll get over it, though.

  14. Poor Audrey. Recuperation from bad company who take your toys is so very hard!

    It's still too cold for Harry to reappear but soon, I hope. I do love spring -- it is all waking up! And your cheery bunny! You do have a lot of critters. Sometimes we'll see Calico Kitty walk across the yard but that's about it apart from the birds!

  15. Oh Audrey, I am so sorry. That big old dog tearing up your toys, and then all that noise. There is not a minute's peace, is there? Sure hope you all get some warm spring weather soon.

  16. Lovely photos . Audrey you really are quite the expressive one . Glad your spring birds have arrived . It got cold and windy today but at least the sun was shining . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  17. awww poor Audrey! no fun when dogs break your special toys!
    love how you hide under towels & blankets, so adorable even when you're mad!
    she looks like she really needs a cuddle in that photo
    your photos are awesome!
    i get lots of kangaroos here, cockatoos & galahs a plenty! i don't feed any of the wildlife but am trying to get native trees growing for them instead.
    hope the warmer weather continues for you
    we're getting lots of rain here finally
    thanx for sharing

  18. Poor Audrey! I agree with her about dogs - they're all right if they don't crowd me! This post made me want to head to Ontario and spend that exact day with you and the gang. (Oh, and I, too, love cats in windows!)

  19. Audrey conveys so much with just one look, she is priceless! One of our friends had a rescue turkey called Percy. Percy HATED all women and would fluff up to twice his normal size and charge, I swear he was looking for blood. That rabbit is adorable.

  20. That Pic of Audrey...and your caption...TOO funny!!
    Linda :o)

  21. Poor Audrey! A DOG!!! How awful!
    And great that you are getting eggs from happy chickens. :)