Friday, March 24, 2017

Bits and bobs and a cat in need.

This went on the mouse-house today.
Perhaps it will make our snow melt faster.
Although, it is snowing again this morning.

Annie washing up

"Did you know it's snowing, Annie?"

That's how I feel, too.

This winter weather is just not ending for us.
(Bird-watcher extraordinaire)

This story broke my heart...

but I love happy endings so I hope someone wonderful will adopt him and give him a forever, loving home. He is so deserving.
For now he is safe with Country Cat rescue.

If you are in Ontario, please pass this cat's story on to anyone who may be ready to add a beautiful member to their family.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sylvester's story is so sad! I hope he finds a home soon. I feel like your Annie with the cold weather that has blown over this way also. Come on Spring, come back!

  2. Poor kitty, I hope he finds a special furever home. He deserves it.

  3. I couldn't read the sad story about the cat. However I love my cat I adopted off the cold street in my neighborhood 3 years ago. He had ice on his fur and was under a bush in my yard.
    He is a happy guy now to say the least and very good company for me.
    Can't believe how all the snow missed us in central Missouri this year, Your wreath will surely bring spring a little bit sooner

  4. Snow? Oh no! Though if it's any consolation it is to be 60F here today so maybe it will head north and east!

    I love, love, love your fabulous tulip wreath. Oh, did that one ever make me happy!

  5. Your bright, pretty, yellow wreath is perfect. Why, it looks just like spring! Hope your snow stops soon. I am so thankful that Sylvester was rescued. He is a beautiful cat. People without feelings for animals drive me crazy. This time, it is Annie making me smile. She is a sweetie pie.

  6. I can never understand how any human being can be cruel to a defenceless animal...
    Thanks for sharing Sylvester's story Deb ♥️
    Sorry about the snow...
    Linda :o)

  7. I hope all works out well for that cat. Poor guy...

  8. I have shared Sylvester's story with all my F/B groups. Oh so sad, but yes let's focus on the now & Sylvester has been rescued to find his furever home. Beautiful wreath. No snow but some freezing rain this morning. It's the grey days that are getting to me.

  9. That wreath is so pretty! We got so much snow today... I was surprised by it! Still falling now.

    And the cat story is so sad! And in Cornwall no less. :((( I hope he finds a beautiful home soon!

  10. I didn't read the sad kitty story either, Deb. It's been so dreary here for so long that I don't need anything to make me sad and, since we don't live anywhere near Ontario . . . well, you know.
    Your tulip wreath is out-of-this-world beautiful! Hope that it helps bring you some Spring weather!
    Nebraska ><>

  11. Awww....poor Sylvester. Some people don't have the sense that God gave geese! Leaving a cat in an unheated stairwell, with frozen water, full of fleas and ear mites! I look at my three girls and I just can't even imagine where they would be if we had not stepped in. So glad that someone stepped up for Sylvester. :)

  12. Your wreath is so bright and cheery! I noticed some readers couldn't read the sad story and I am the same! I have to change the channel on tv if there is a sad animal story. It just breaks my heart how people can be so cruel. I'll never understand it. I've taken in my share of abandoned and abused animals and the damage to their little psyches is so profound. I wish I could take them all in, but then I would be the crazy cat lady :) xx K

  13. I hope Sylvester finds a good home - and the same for all the other kitties living in such despicable conditions. I'm so glad the rescue team didn't put him down and are nursing him back to health - he is certainly a handsome boy.

    Pretty yellow spring wreath Deb, love where you hung it. Snow, again!!! Oh my, when will it end - soon I hope.

    Enjoy the weekend anyway, I'm sure it looks pretty from the windows!
    Hugs - Mary

  14. I love your wreath!
    You are so nice to cats. Timothy would like to join your fan club.

  15. I was in Georgia yesterday, where it was a sunny 80 degrees F, then back in Michigan to 45 degrees and misty, cold rain. Drat!