Monday, March 27, 2017


There is nothing that makes this gal happier than a long nap in  her beat-up vintage Wilson's Tomatoes box in a sun-puddle.

How sweet it is.

"Hmph...sleep would be even sweeter."

And how sweet is this. 
JT on Austin City Limits last weekend. For One Whole Hour. :)
That was a surprise.

with Shawn Colvin

I've seen him live three times.
I'm his #1 Fan

"She's mine, too."


hugs, Deb


  1. We have also loved James Taylor for years! How wonderful to have seen him perform live! Hi Audrey!!!

  2. just caught up, sorry you're still having snow & hope it thaws out for you again soon
    read about Sylvester too, why do people do that? so glad someone came & got him, he looks like he'll be one big sweet heart once he settles in; hope he finds his forever home too.
    thanx for sharing

  3. Oh Sweet it is! You know I love JT also, but yes you are his number one fan!

  4. Audrey!x I'm with you...I'd make those faces,
    if l had to listen to that stuff for an hour!!!
    Still...each to his/her own..! :).
    Audrey!x Think you need a little bit of Barry
    White you relax and enjoy your sun
    puddle! :). Perhaps one from 1974...'Your My
    First, My Last, My Everything'.

  5. I used to watch "Austin City Limits" now and then when I had television. The concerts I saw on it were minimalist: the performers, their instruments, an audience; no fancy lights, smoke or sound effects. You were able to hear the music.

  6. Oh, did you wake Audrey, taking pictures again? Poor kitty. It was good to see your little granddaughter again (your last post). She is adorable! Maybe if our squirrels were as cute as your Red, Poppy wouldn't hate them so much. I love the squirrels! Hope it stops snowing there real soon.

  7. Oh, darn! I love ACL and I missed that one completely. Did I ever tell you Rick's brother lives down the road from him. (Of course, JT is behind a gate!) I always keep hoping for a sighting when we visit but so far all I've seen is the mailbox!

  8. Nothing like a sunpuddle and a nice box to nap in, right Audrey?

  9. I'm his #1 fan too!!!!! Have been for many, many years!!!

  10. diane in northern wisMarch 27, 2017 at 9:39 PM

    You're right....his music is wonderful. I've never seen him perform live though. Lucky you.

  11. Austin City Limits is a great show and a great way to discover new favorites and reoconnect with old ones. And of course James is a freakin national treasure!

    Love the kitties in sun puddles, we always say they are recharging because they are solar powered. ;-)