Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your tips and suggestions on making changes to Audrey's morning ritual. You guys are the best. It was fun reading all about your own cat's morning routines.
All your suggestions were helpful and Eastside Cats (pop over and visit) hit the nail on the head (for most cats) when she suggested more play-time before bed for an energetic kitty like the audacious one. I did a post awhile back on that exact topic because so many cats sleep far too much throughout the day and evening.  Let's face it, they can only sleep so much and with busy schedules like most cat-owners have, it's not always easy to find the time in the evening for cat play. But, to strengthen the bond, keep kitty stimulated and maybe even sleeping in in the morning, it's well worth your time.
Here, it works fine for Annie. A little playtime each night keeps her snuggled under the covers longer come morning. But it doesn't work for Audrey. I think for her it's just a fun thing to wake up the humans and get the day rollin'. Plus she wants her stinky goodness. Maybe I'll just get to bed earlier.  

"I wonder what you taste like."

Annie with one of her morning rituals

Not nearly as annoying. :)

There's a few signs of spring at the mouse-house.

Although there is more snow on the way as I type
there are some spring flowers popping up along our front fence.
The red-winged blackbirds are back.
Five robins sat on the old pump this morning probably asking each other why the heck they came back so early.
There's lots of mud here...and I'm not complaining.

Stay warm.
hugs, Deb


  1. Cat Kisses.....

    Sandpaper kisses
    on a cheek or a chin--
    that is the way
    for a day to begin!

    Sandpaper kisses--
    a cuddle, a purr.
    I have an alarm clock
    that's covered with fur....! :).

  2. I think I'd be lost without our kitty ritual in the morning...even though some days they can be real stinkers! Happy Spring, XOXO

  3. I haven't seen any robins yet but the red winged blackbirds have been back for weeks. I'm sure they are wondering what the heck is going on today as we are in the midst of a BLIZZARD!!

  4. I am glad you got a solution for one of your kitties. Great photos, I like the " I wonder what you taste like? "

  5. Deb, I am sure you'll figure out a way to work with Audrey, so that you are both satisfied! Thanks for the mention, and I know what you mean about snow falling on spring flowers. Makes me hope for warmer temps soon.

  6. I think someone could make a fortune selling better cat toys and climbing things, don't you?

  7. Annie likes her rituals just as much as Audrey likes her version of fun!

  8. Oh your adorable kitties - the stories you can tell!!!
    Deb, hearing of the weather your way - and in the NE USA - is quite scary. Winter seems endless up north. Do take care.
    Mary x

  9. As always, I love your photos and kitty stories!
    ps -- good luck with the morning routines!

  10. Oh you have your spring robins and red wings back that's great , yes the robins and other spring birds are asking that very same question here to lol ! Our Harley has her food / super in the evening then plays during the night with her toys and sleeps most of the day she was born a feral so I think she was nocturnal seems like it lol ! I hope this is the last snow storm now as spring is just around the corner now all though one never knows in Ontario do they ?! Thanks for sharing . lovely photos , Have a good day !

  11. Great advice from all your peeps...our old gal Taffy did the same thing!
    Great bday celebrations...your wee ones are sure growing up!
    We are drowning in snow here...good thing we left the beach!😳
    Hope you don't get too much!
    Linda :o)

  12. Love the cartoon! Too cute.

    Cats, ya gotta luv em. They are their own people for sure.

  13. Love this post and since I'm reading backwards I'll make sure to read all the comments too. Lizzie is pretty good -- she'll sleep as long as I do but once I'm up she doesn't stop yapping!

    I'm having a different problem -- thinking outside the box. Not always, and not far -- about 12 inches. It's getting to be an issue!